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New 4-H Enrollment Forms

4-H Youth Enrollment and Participation Forms

Revisions have been made to the 4-H Youth Enrollment Form and the Florida 4-H Participation Form for Youth and Adults. Although paper enrollment forms are still available, parents/guardians should be directed to enter youth enrollment information into 4HOnline. Paper enrollment forms should only be used at the convenience of clientele, such as when they do not have Internet access.  For those cases the printable PDF versions of both forms are posted at . These revised forms should be used for the 2014-2015 4-H year.


Changes to the Youth Enrollment Form include:

  • Formatting Changes
  • Race/Ethnicity: “I prefer not to give my ethnicity and/or race” option added. This option will be added to 4HOnline when enrollment opens on August 23.
  • Military Questions have been redone so they match how 4HOnline asks for this information.


Changes to the Participation Form include:

  • Formatting changes to the participant information section and the health form section.
  • Form now asks for information about special needs in addition to disabilities.
  • Form now asks if the participant uses an EpiPen or inhaler.
  • Minor revisions in the text of some of the authorizations.
  • Spaces for parents/guardians and adult participants to initial for each of the authorization responses. Keep in mind that consent to the Publicity Release and Survey and Evaluation Release is not required to participate in 4-H. Consent is required for the Medical Consents, Code of Conduct, General Release and the Transportation Policy.


If completed forms are returned to your office before August 23, do not enter them into 4HOnline until the new enrollment period begins on August 23. If you enter the forms before August 23, you will have to re-enter them. August 23 is when enrollment opens in 4HOnline for the new 4-H year.


Medication Form

The Florida 4-H Medication Form has been revised based on recommendations made by UF Counsel. The form is available through the following link. .


Changes to the Medication Form include:

  • Formatting changes
  • Specific directions and requirements for sending prescription and non-prescription medications with youth to 4-H events.



Ben Knowles

State 4-H Information Management Coordinator

UF/IFAS Extension 4-H Youth Development Program

2142 Shealy Drive

PO Box 110225

Gainesville, FL 32611-0225


352-294-2902 (Direct Line)

352-294-3544 (FAX)