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Showing Livestock the 4-H Way

Last week’s 4-H camp brought together poultry, dairy, swine, cattle and campers for a hands-on look at the different aspects of raising and showing livestock.

First, they needed to learn the basics – the different breeds of swine and beef, along with learning about tagging, branding, nutrition, health and grooming.

Many of our campers had never held a rooster or groomed a calf. They were able to try their hand at leading around a dairy cow. The campers learned how to tie the most common knots that were used in showmanship. They examined an egg incubator and how it worked.

Campers learned to visually identify the different breeds of swine and beef. They also learned about tags and notching pig ears. Campers made their own “brand” after learning what the branding symbols meant and saw many of the brands used by Levy County cattlemen. The campers made butter and ice cream (in-a-bag) during the dairy day. They had a blast!

Some of the skills learned at this camp will help these youth as they show at the local and state fairs. Two fairs in our area that 4-H members can participate in are the Suwannee Livestock Show & Sale and the Levy County Fair.
The 2018 dates for the SRF (Suwannee River Fair) are
Week 1: March 8, 2018 – March 11, 2018
Week 2: March 16, 2018 – March 21, 2018
Sale day: March 21, 2018
You can learn more about this event and organization on their website.

The other local fair is the Levy County Fair. Their dates are not yet set for 2018. Here is the website.

The 4-H summer camp program ends on July 27. It has been a wonderful summer of fun and “learning by doing”. If you think your child would like to continue being part of 4-H, the new year will be starting on September 1, 2017. Please contact Ms. Genevieve Mendoza, 4-H Agent, and she will help you find a club that’s a perfect fit for you.

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