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Successful 4-H Cloverbud Camp begins in Levy County

This year Levy County had a new summer camp, 4-H Cloverbud Camp. This camp was designed for youth ages 5 to 7 to discover the exciting world of 4-H through crafts, games, outdoor and other science-based activities. At the same time the Cloverbuds gained valuable life skills such as independence, decision-making, leadership, and responsibility.

During the three days the campers were kept busy with fun team-building games. They learned camp songs. The campers created their own 4-H t-shirt by making a clover from their hand prints in fabric paint on the back of the t-shirt. They also learned how to sew and stuff a 4-H pillow. They made a necklace and a Dreamcatcher. The last day the campers learned about a hydroponic garden where they harvested beans, lettuce and peppers and had a taste-testing. They also created their own 4-H flower pot with seeds to bring home.

This camp was very successful. If one of our campers’ parents would like to start a Cloverbud Club for the upcoming 4-H year, please contact Ms. Genevieve Mendoza, 4-H agent at 352-486-5131.

If you would like information about 4-H and how it works, please go to our website by clicking here.



2 Comments on “Successful 4-H Cloverbud Camp begins in Levy County

    • Yes, we will host at least one Cloverbud camp. The exact details will be complete sometime early Spring.

      Genevieve A. Mendoza, 4-H Extension Agent

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