New research on seagrass resilience in the Nature Coast

a diver studies seagrass

Seagrass in the Nature Coast Seagrasses are flowering, marine plants with fully developed leaves, roots, and rhizomes. Seagrasses support many valuable ecosystem functions such as improving water clarity and providing  habitat. Along Florida’s Nature Coast, the size and… Read More

Do Horseshoe Crab Migrate? If so, how far?

Horseshoe Crab Survey? Count Me In!

These and other questions are the focus of Limulus watch, a citizen scientist initiative whose goal is to identify, tag and record nesting horseshoe crab population numbers to better manage these important marine animals. Resighting is one method of… Read More

With five sets of legs, these horseshoe aren’t for tossing.

Master Gardener volunteer to help with research and education.

Extension connects the general public with University of Florida scientist and specialist by providing research based education. One such research project is University of Florida’s horseshoe crab (Limulus polyphemus)  watch. The goal is to identify, tag and record… Read More