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4-H/Tropicana Public Speaking Contest: Winners!

Congratulations to all the contestants from the 2013 4-H/Tropicana Public Speaking contest. You all did an incredible job. This year’s winners are:

Elementary School Division

First Place Overall: William from FSU School
Second Place Overall: Cole from School of Arts and Sciences
Third Place Overall: Ashleigh from Home Education
Honorable Mention: Bryson from Holy Comforter
Most Original: Anya from Gilchrist
Most Humorous: Everett from Community Christian
Best Inspirational: Emily from Buck Lake
Best Persuasive: Madeline from Kate Sullivan
Best Informative: Callie from Killearn Lakes 

Middle School Division

First Place Overall: Julianne from Holy Comforter�
Second Place Overall: Frances from Cobb
Third Place Overall: Sanoor from Fairview
Honorable Mention: Noah from Montford
Most Original: McIver from Trinity Catholic
Most Humorous: Jose from Stars
Best Inspirational: Anna Kate from Education
Best Persuasive: Sarah from Raa
Best Informative: Rachel from Community Christian 

Parents, teachers, or administrators – if you have any photos of your students participating that you would like to share with the Leon County 4-H Office, please email

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