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Commercial Horticulture

Leon County Commercial Horticulture. Pest or Plant disease problems? Visit our plant problem diagnosis page.



Grades and Standards for Nursery Plants Starting a Nursery (resources)







Planting Trees

    1. Pruning Trees
    2. Sample Pruning for Young Trees
    3. Pruning Principles Illustrations (110KB PDF)
    4. Best Management Practices for TreesA new book by Michael A. Dirr, Univ. of Ga. Professor of  Horticulture, and NMPRO December 25, 2001 Nursery E-mails magazine’s contributing editor, will be released in February 2002.  “Dirr’s  Trees and Shrubs for Warm Climates” describes woody plants for USDA  Hardiness Zones 7-11 and is a companion to “Dirr’s  Hardy Trees and Shrubs.”  This photographic encyclopedia contains descriptions and  details on more than 400 species and hundreds more cultivars and varieties.
    1. The book is $69.95 and is available through: Timber Press (800) 327-5680