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The 3-Cut Tree Pruning Practice

Proper tree pruning is vital for tree health and vitality.

When pruning it is important to use the 3-cut method. The first cut is the undercut. This prevents the bark from ripping down the trunk when cutting the second cut. The second cut takes the bulk of the branch weight away. If you did not do the first cut, the branch will likely rip from the weight, damaging the bark of the main trunk. The third and final cut removes the remaining nub at the branch bark collar.

When working on pruning in trees there are a few terms you may here:

  • Cleaning- this involves the removal of dead or diseased branches from the tree canopy. Weak branch attachments can also be addressed.
  • Raising- the removal of lower branched to create clearance
  • Reduction- reduces the overall size of the tree. This is specific pruning to secondary branches. This is not topping.
  • Topping is indiscriminate pruning of the top of the tree that leads to stress and poor branch attachments. Topping is never recommended.

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