Category: Agriculture

Nothing Says Fall Like Pumpkins!

harvested pumpkins in the bed of pioneer wagon

  Fall isn’t fall until you have eaten your first piece of pumpkin pie. Pumpkins are enjoyed by many people, never knowing how they originally got their start in traditional America. The word pumpkin originated from the Greek… Read More

Water Recycling, Reclaiming and Reuse

purple pipes mean recylced water

  With a growing population, running out of water is a big concern.  Wells are constantly being placed for new homes which are causing springs, aquifers, streams and lakes to go dry.  How can we help to conserve… Read More

Spiders: The Unwanted House Guest

close-up of jumping spider

  Spiders!  Eek!  Just the word sends chills down your spine. They are creepy and scary, but most spiders serve a purpose other than causing terror to the homes they invade.  In their natural environment (including human dwellings)… Read More

Did a Storm Damage Your Palm Trees?: Care After the Storm

palm trees infron a structure being blowin in hurrican winds

  While many palm species are adapted to windstorms, a hurricane or major storm can damage even the most tolerant palm trees.  Make sure to wait until after the storm to venture outside and assess damage.  Once an… Read More

Boiled Peanuts Anyone? Fresh Market Peanut Info.

harvested, picked and cleaned peanuts in a pile

Fresh Market “Green” Peanuts Have you ever eaten boiled peanuts?  Boiled peanuts are a staple of the Deep South and many living in the northern regions have never tried them.  Also known as “green” peanuts, fresh market peanuts… Read More