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Tag: Weeds

Friday Feature: Remote Control Boat for Pond Herbicide Application

This week’s featured video highlights an innovation for managing pond weeds.  Lake Restoration Incorporated has developed a remote control, miniature air-boat for applying pond herbicides.  Spraying weeds can be a real challenge for pond owners,… Read More

Scout Pastures for Toxic Perilla Mint this Fall

perilla mint

Perilla mint (perilla frutescnes) aka Beefstakeplant is a toxic weed that typically grows in shady, to partially shaded areas, damp spots, woodland edges, and  fence-lines of pastures in the Southeast. Positive identification of this weed… Read More

Paraquat Tank Mix Compatibility Issues

Authors:  Jay Ferrell  (Associate Professor, Weed Science, University of Florida) and Mace Bauer (Columbia County Agriculture Extension Agent) Many crop producers discovered compatibility issues last season when paraquat (Gramoxone SL and others) was added to… Read More