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TIP: Combining duplicating + mirroring saves time.

You might have an occasion where you want to run a persistent sidebar on the left or right of your website.

First, you definitely want to mirror the side-bar across pages. Mirroring is useful for content that is shared between multiple pages (e.g., hours, contact information, common links, etc.).

Unlike the duplication of content, mirroring ensures that when the original content is updated, the changes are also reflected in the mirrored content. When you duplicate content – a change made in the original has no effect on the duplicate, and any mirrored pieces are not retained.

Duplicate + Mirroring

Say you have a page with a mirrored persistent side-bar, you could duplicate with mirroring in one action.

If you find after using this feature, that there are pieces that you do not want to be mirrored into the new copy (you made from duplicating), you can simply delete the unwanted pieces.

Since you are deleting a mirrored piece of content, you want to follow these steps:

Select Actions > Edit > Delete on a piece of unwanted mirrored content in a particular section.


Then select Remove from Section and press the Delete content button.Tip37-TERMINALFOUR (T4)- Duplicating+Mirror1

The Remove from Section option allows you to delete mirrored content in a section you do not want while retaining the mirrored piece on other pages of your website.


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