2013 Email Design Conference Boston

Email Design Conference Boston

Remember, a reader will only spend 51 seconds on average attempting to read your email. Only 19% of participants will read the entire email. 65% of email is currently opened on a mobile device, with 80% deleting non-mobile friendly emails.

I recently attended the 2013 email conference in Boston hosted by Litmus. The thought behind attending the conference was to understand how to better leverage UF/IFAS management subscriptions for blogs.ifas. Blogs.ifas was recently overhauled to provide an internally hosted blogging platform for UF/IFAS. The 2013 email conference offered many helpful presentations about email newsletters. When communicating to an email subscription list remember these helpful tips:

  • Keep the content short.
  • Always include a single huge call to action (CTA).
  • Use engaging thumbnails next to your text blurbs (remember the human element counts).
  • Keep the design flat (i.e., a single column flat layout is best for multi-device viewing).
  • Try to include videos (e.g., a quick tip video). Videos build trust. Keep the videos short and engaging for a higher view rate. Check out these email video learning resources from Wistia.
  • All content seen in an email should lead to a static landing web page. The static page should include consistent branding and additional information. Linking to a static page allows for a shorter email letter that subscribers can scan quickly.


*Write and let us know your thoughts or other share other email management subscription resources and receive a free gift: webteam@ifas.ufl.edu.

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