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2017 4-H Camp Timpoochee Registration is now OPEN!!

Registration for Holmes County 4-H Camp Timpoochee camp spots is now open. We only have 40 slots available for campers, CIT, and Counselors this year so get ready to sign up! Camp Timpoochee fees will be $250.00 again this year. CITs and Camp Counselors will received a discounted rate for their work at camp.

If your child plans to attend 4-H Camp Timpoochee, parent(s) must turn in a $50.00 non-refundable deposit and a camp registration packet for each child to the 4-H Office! Slots cannot be saved for youth based on phone calls to the 4-H office. Parents must come by the 4-H Office and complete a camp packet and turn in a $50.00 deposit to hold a camp spot. We have set up a payment option to help alleviate any burden due to the cost of camp, after the deposit and paperwork have been received.


Tri-County Community Council in Bonifay is available for Holmes County residents to as they may be able to provide scholarships for 4-H youth to attend camp. A visit to Tri-County Community Council for a camp scholarship should occur AFTER you have turned in a completed camp packet to the 4-H Office. The 4-H Office cannot process Tri-County invoices for camp until a camp packet is received in the office. You must contact Tri-County Office at 547-4263 for further information on how to apply for a camp scholarship. Camp sign up will go until May UNLESS all slots are filled. If all slots are filled, a waiting list will be started.

Camp Timpoochee registration packets are available in the 4-H office. You may come by any time to pick up a packet. We will mail registration packets directly to your home UPON REQUEST. For a mailed camp packet, simply contact Ms. Kayla at 547-1108.

If you have any questions or concerns about camp, please don’t hesitate to contact Ms. Niki at 850-547-1108 or at