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Helping Your Child Succeed in School

We know that children do best when they themselves want to succeed. We also know it’s essential to emphasize the importance of education and make it a priority in our homes. The challenge we have as parents is to give our children a sense of responsibility for their own school success and future.  How can we do this?

  1. We can give younger children step-by-step guidance with their school work by establishing the framework for putting time and effort into school. Make sure you have a routine schedule for homework and a time for play and enforce this while your children are young. This helps children to understand that education is a priority.
  2. Allow older children room to make their own mistakes because that’s how they will learn about consequences. Consequences are learning experiences and they let your child see how his or her behavior affects others and him or herself. For example, if your child fails to do a project, don’t call in sick for him the day it’s due and let him stay home from school to work on it.
  3. Think of yourself as a coach or guide for your child. As their cheerleader, you can encourage your child, but you can’t do it for him or her. Children need parents to tell them they are very capable and they CAN do it!
  4. Work together with your child’s teachers as a partner in your child’s education and future. Your child needs to know that you and his or her teacher are on his/her side and that you will be communicating regularly about his/her school performance.

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