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Back-to-School Parent List

  1. Create a morning routine for the entire household so things run smoothly. Get everyone up early enough to get ready for the day and do morning chores without rushing or feeling stressed.
  2. Communicate with your child’s teacher as soon as possible. Read all information sent home by your child’s teacher and respond when requested.
  3. Organize your calendar with upcoming school holidays and events.
  4. Set up an area in your home for school papers and supplies. Set up a file for each child. Make it an evening routine that your child empties his or her book bag of all papers.
  5. Talk positively about school in front of your child.
  6. Provide a quiet place for homework that is free of distractions. Teach your child time management and organizational skills to help him or her succeed in school.
  7. Become familiar with your child’s school rules, policies and code of conduct. Be sure to read the papers that your child brings home at the beginning of the school year.
  8. Be consistent with home rules on play-time, meal time, and sleep time. Be sure your children get plenty of physical exercise, enough sleep every night, and healthy food. Limit the time your child spends on “screens,” such as television, video games, cell phones, etc.
  9. If your child is sick, keep him or her home, but remember to call the school or send a written excuse (follow your school’s policy). Too many absences can affect your child’s grades, or raise concerns about absenteeism.
  10. Avoid checking your child out of school early for dentist or doctor appointments by scheduling appointments after school hours only. By removing your child from school before the end of the school day sends a message that you don’t think his or her education is important. It also interrupts the classroom.

    elementary school age children. UF/IFAS Photo: Sally Lanigan.