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What is The Best Time to Exercise?

What is the best time to exercise? The morning? Or the evening? Is one better than the other?

The best time to exercise is the time you can fit it in and will stick with it consistently.

Consistency is more important than time of day. That said, here are a few things to consider so that you can decide which is right for you.

Why exercise in the morning?

  • You’ll get your workout in. Leaving it to the end of the day means there’s a greater chance for excuses or life to get in the way.
  • It can make a big impact on your energy levels. In my experience, those who work out first thing tend to have more energy throughout the day
  • It may positively influence your hunger and food choices. Exercise can improve satiety and doing something good for your body may lead to better food choices.

Why exercise in the evening?

  • You’re not a morning person. And that’s perfectly okay. To make sure you get your exercise in, try putting it into your calendar like any other appointment. You’ll increase your chance of going if it’s scheduled into your day. Keep a spare change of clothes and sneakers with you as well. That way you can go straight from work. I know if I go home first, the last thing I want to do is leave again. Set yourself up for success!
  • You have more energy later in the day. More energy = a better workout.
  • If big meals and late night snacking are harder to control as the day goes on, having a plan to exercise can help control some of those urges. Not to mention, the actual time you’re spending on exercise means less time spent on mindless eating.

However you decide what the best time to exercise is for you, I suggest picking one and sticking with it. At the very least, know which one you’re going to do the day before. This helps us avoid the inevitable excuses that will arise if we don’t have a plan.  And as I said before, it’s better to go and do something even if it’s not your 100%. You’ll see a greater return on your health and well-being over the long run.

Best Time to ExerciseDetails matter, but consistency is king.