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Disaster Relief Program

In the quake of Hurricane Irma, the Farm Service Agency (FSA) is releasing a 75% cost share program called the Emergency Conservation Program (ECP) disaster relief program to help rehabilitate farmland.  There is no Average Gross Income (AGI) requirements and the funds will not be divided between other programs or among participants.

This program WILL cover:

  • Cost of debris clean-up (removal of limbs/downed trees)
  • Damaged ditches
  • Culverts
  • Water structures
  • Irrigation mainlines
  • Water ways

This program will NOT cover:

  • Rebuilding of structures (pump houses, cow pens, pole barns, etc.)

**This program will be released November 6, 2017 – January 6, 2018. You should call your local FSA office to schedule an appointment to sign up for this program.  Attached are the FSA Fact Sheet for the program, a chart of the cost share rates, a questionnaire that will need to be filled out, and a copy of the application form.

Okeechobee/Highlands FSA Office Phone Number: 863-763-3345 ext: #2