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Getting Organized for Life’s Demands

Since 2014, we have been coordinating throughout the school year, to offer financial
planning and life skills training to at-risk students at the Pasco County Juvenile Detention Center.
These skills include lessons on how to find employment, budgeting and saving money, and the
responsibilities involved with establishing credit and paying bills. Many of our students come
from impoverished circumstances. Some are already emancipated or living in group homes. A
number of them are struggling to pass their GED in order to become employable. Most of our
students come from homes that do not practice sound financial planning and/or do not teach our
students sound financial practices in the home. Due to absences, most of our students miss
important information in school (Economics). Many turn to crime as a way to make ends meet.
Mr. Taylor’s program offers our students a valuable alternative.
Life skills and financial planning for students falling into a nontraditional graduation scenario are
crucial. We are proud to be working with Scott Taylor and the University of Florida Extension
Services to ensure that our students have a promising future.

Author: Scott Taylor, Extension Agent II
Family and Consumer Sciences, Specializing in Financial Management