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Tag: Horticulture

Sassafras Was Once The Base For Root Beer


By, Les Harrison Sassafras Albidum Sassafras albidum is a deciduous native with a long history of multiple uses in panhandle Florida and far beyond.  Leaves of this tree have turned up in the fossil record from eons ago…. Read More

Honeybees: Historic Pollinators

Article and Audio Introduction by Les Harrison The world of social media is always abuzz with a variety of topics. This time of year there are many postings on the nearly endless list of blooming flower which are… Read More

Perennial Peanut, A Great Choice for Panhandle Pastures and Landscapes

Driving through rural parts of the Panhandle this time of year, one will find pastures with thick green canopies, exploding with the yellow-gold flowers. Perennial peanut is in bloom. This is a highly nutritional forage option for livestock, but… Read More