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Dr. Cecil Jennings: Biologist, Professor, & VP of American Fisheries Society

    Name: Dr. Cecil Jennings Program: PhD in Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences, 1990 Advisor: Dr. Wiley Kitchens   Dr. Cecil Jennings has an impressive 32+ year career as a fisheries biologist. Prior to attending UF for his… Read More

Staying Connected during COVID-19: Valentine Edition

As college students, staying connected with family, friends or partners can be challenging during a “normal” year while attempting to juggle school, work, student organization meetings and other commitments. Enter COVID-19, compounding the stressors on students and placing… Read More

Community-Based Forest Management in the Brazilian Amazon

Ana Violato Espada, a doctoral researcher at the University of Florida, organized a community exchange among users of six Brazilian Amazon extractive reserves to emphasized collective inquiry, experimentation grounded in experience, and the wealth of social learning related… Read More