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Sod Webworm Sightings in Escambia County

Homeowners with St. Augustinegrass and Zoysiagrass are starting to see tiny tan moths erratically flying over the lawn.  These moths will rest in turf and other groundcovers and fly up when disturbed. They are not strong flyers so… Read More

Q:  In my neighborhood I have noticed some lawns are already totally brown and dead while others are still green.  All of the lawns are St. Augustinegrass so how do you account for the differences?

A:  First, simply because the grass blade is brown, does not necessarily mean the grass is totally dead.  It is important for the stolon, which is the above ground stem, and roots to be kept alive during the… Read More

Q:   I was thinking about seeding a small, sunny area of my lawn with Argentine bahiasgrass.  My neighbor thinks it is a bad idea.  What are your thoughts? 

A:   Argentine bahiagrass is a beautiful grass for home lawns and would be a good choice providing your soil pH is acidic enough.  I have found most of the soil in our area is quite the opposite –… Read More

Overfertilizing St. Augustinegrass Could Encourage Chinch Bugs, UF Researcher Warns

By: Tom Nordlie – (352) 273-3567 Sources: Eileen Buss – (352) 392-0400 Fred Baxendale – fbaxendale1@unl.edu, (402) 472-8699 View Photo GAINESVILLE, Fla. — A little fertilizer can perk up a St. Augustinegrass lawn as spring arrives, but homeowners… Read More