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Tag: shrubs

What’s in Bloom? …Plumerias

Sad Stick to Blossom Queen Plumerias are a group of closely related flowering plants that are synonymous with “tropical.” Another name for these plants is “frangipani,” which sounds much more like the nickname of a bullied middle schooler…. Read More

Tips for Success! – Planting a shrub (the right way)

Are you getting ready to plant new shrubs in your landscape? Before you buy another plant or dig another hole, watch this quick step-by-step video tutorial. I’ve included tips about plant selection, hole sizing, mulching & more. Get… Read More

Diversify the Landscape: Landscape Shrubbery

A Shrubbery! Fill your landscapes with diversity! Our vibrant landscapes should exude a mix of different groundcovers, perennials, annuals, shrubs, and trees. Landscapes provide tremendous value when we diversify the landscape. In the “Diversify the Landscape” series we… Read More