Tag: Ornamentals

Hurricanes and nursery crops

There is a relation between hurricanes, nursery crops and economy in south Florida. Miami-Dade County is the number #1 producer in ornamental plants that you may see in every office, house or landscape in the US.  However, during a natural disaster… Read More

Dangerous New Whitefly Q-Biotype Found in Pinellas County Nursery

We have a serious whitefly issue developing in Florida. We are having major issues managing 2 whitefly biotypes (B and Q). Both biotypes are referred to as Bemisia tabaci. The Q biotype has now been detected in landscapes…. Read More

PEST ALERT: A New Whitefly in Florida

A new whitefly was identified from a heavily infested Ixora hedge a in residential area of St. Petersburg, FL. The scientific name is: Asiothrixus antidesmae (previously Aleurothrixus antidesmae). Is an Asian species known in the New World only from… Read More