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Anticipating Pests for Fall Planting Season

As I start planning for the fall planting season, not only am I starting transplants of cool season vegetables and getting ready to plant, I also am getting prepared for the pests that will attack my crops. I… Read More

Creating a Vegetable Planting Schedule

When determining what vegetables to plant for an upcoming planting season, multiple factors need to be taken into consideration. First, is it the correct season/time to plant said vegetable? Planting outside of a vegetables preferred season is possible… Read More

Spraying Soapy Water Correctly and Other Low Toxic Pesticides

Using low toxic pesticides, like soapy water, is a great idea. You can help control pest populations like aphids, thrips, mealybug, and even white fly. When using soapy water (solution recipe: http://bit.ly/2nElF3U), try to spray early in the… Read More

What is happening to the palms?

Over the past year I have had several calls of people concerned about the decline of their iconic Cabbage palms (Sabal palmetto) for no apparent reason. There is a relatively new palm disease that is affecting our cabbage… Read More