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I spy… whitefly!

When is a scale insect not a scale insect? When it’s actually the juvenile stage of a whitefly. That is what some of the local landscapers found out while scouting for pests. The pupal cases of both Tetraleurodes (e.g., mulberry whitefly)… Read More

Aphids Are The Insect World’s Villain

By Les Harrison Wakulla County Extension Director Horror movies have, for over a century, featured a pantheon of destructive creatures rampaging through the world. Their characteristics have varied over the decades, but they always manage to return. In… Read More

Monarchs and Aphids Munch on Milkweed

Les Harrison is the Wakulla County Extension Director The cool evening and noticeably shorter days remind Wakulla County residents of the impending season change. The autumn equinox is a week away. One of the much anticipated events in… Read More