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Green Industry Training Classes (1/22/2018) by juliebmcconnell - Please check out our Upcoming Events page to see what classes are offered in the Panhandle for Green Industry Professionals. If you’d like to have emails about upcoming events sent directly to your inbox, sign up for our... Read More
2016 Formosan Termite Swarm Report (8/26/2016) by Sheila Dunning -   The genus Coptotermes contains the largest number of termite pests (28 species) worldwide, with the Formosan subterranean termite, Coptotermes formosansus, being the most widely distributed and most economically important.  During the 1960’s it was found in Texas,... Read More
Should a Red Maple be Planted There? (8/26/2016) by Sheila Dunning - Red Maples are among the most frequently planted urban trees. Many of its features, especially its leaves are quite variable in form.  Its flowers, petioles, twigs and seeds are all red to varying degrees.  But, it is best... Read More
Growing Healthy Palms Workshop (7/20/2016) by Blake Thaxton - University of Florida palm and disease Extension specialist Dr. Monica Elliott will share information on palm installation and best management practices. Timing and techniques for proper palm planting. Establishing and care for palms through proper watering, fertilization, and... Read More
Cattle Grazing on My Trees… (6/27/2016) by Matt Lollar - Cattle aren’t really grazing on the trees (this time), but tree cattle (a.k.a. bark lice) are grazing on the trees.  The scientific name for tree cattle is Cerastipsocus venosus.  Adults have shiny black wings that are held at... Read More
It is time to monitor for Rose Rosette Disease in Florida (5/24/2016) by Blake Thaxton - Author: Dr. Mathews Paret Caused by: Rose rosette virus (Currently not present in Florida; but previously discovered in three counties in Florida in 2013 and 2014 led to the successful destroyal of the infected plants) Vectored by: An eriophyid... Read More
Muhly Grass Pest (4/22/2016) by Beth Bolles - Muhly grass (Muhlenbergia capillaris) is a generally pest free plant in our area, however, we are seeing the native mealybug, Stemmatomerinx acircula, on plants in various landscapes. Insects are on the leaves and are grey with white wax... Read More
Too Late yet Too Early (3/24/2016) by Blake Thaxton - Author: J. Bryan Unruh, Ph.D. – Extension Turf Specialist Spring has sprung! With that comes the urge to ramp up spring landscaping projects – planting a garden; replenishing the mulch in the beds; planting summer annuals for color;... Read More
Limited Urban Commercial Fertilizer License – Do You Have It? (3/24/2016) by Sheila Dunning - On June 18, 2009, Florida Governor Charlie Crist signed into law SB 494 requiring all commercial fertilizer applicators have a license by January 1, 2014. Passing the Green Industries Best Management Practices (GI-BMP) training is mandatory to obtain... Read More
Cancelled – Panhandle Turf Fertilization Workshops March 4th and 11th (2/19/2016) by Matthew Orwat - Due to low registration, these class dates have been cancelled. We hope to reschedule in the near future – please check back for further details. We apologize for any inconvenience.   Facebook0Twitter0Google plus0
Sprinkler System check up (2/19/2016) by Blake Thaxton - Lawns and landscapes require water to flourish and provide the green surroundings desired around homes and recreational areas. Often nature provides water for the landscape in the form of rain, but that is not always adequate. Turf and ornamental plants in the establishment stage need... Read More
Controlling Weeds in Landscape Beds (1/22/2016) by Blake Thaxton - Author: Dr. Chris Marble, UF/IFAS MREC While the bulk of most residential weed control programs focus on controlling weeds in turf, weeds can also be very problematic in landscape planting beds. Controlling weeds in landscape beds can be... Read More
Hold Off Pruning Back Perennials and Ornamental Shrubs (12/16/2015) by Matthew Orwat - With grass growing slower due to less daylight and somewhat cooler temperatures, and fertilization not needed in the lawn and landscape, landscape managers with more time on their hands undoubtedly are tempted to prune back summer perennials and... Read More
Integrated Pest Management – Accurate Pest I.D. (10/27/2015) by juliebmcconnell - Using an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to landscape management has been an integral part of the green industry for many years. The strategies help to make pest control more efficient by incorporating multiple methods and being flexible... Read More