Category: Florida-Friendly Landscaping

Are Your Plants Protected from the Cold ?

Does my ficus need a jacket?           Florida usually has several days that your more tropical plants might be in danger. When frost is predicted you will want to protect your more sensitive plants. Identifying… Read More

2018 Landscape Gardening Series

The annual Landscape Gardening Series sponsored by the University of Florida/IFAS Extension Charlotte County Master Gardeners will begin Friday, January 26th.  Six sessions are scheduled to be held at the Charlotte County Environmental Campus, 25550 Harbor View Road,… Read More

Vermicomposting – Serious Gardener’s Hobby

Vermicomposting is composting with worms. The worms eat organic materials ideally balanced with both carbon and nitrogen elements.  They produce castings – worm “poop.” The castings become the end product, vermicompost, a wonderful soil additive. Soil improvements Vermicompost… Read More

Monoecious vs Dioecious: Self-Pollinating vs Cross-Pollinating Plants

When starting a vegetable garden or even orchard, you may wonder if you need two or more plants of a certain variety to cross-pollinate each other or if you can get away with just one. This will depend… Read More