Category: Agriculture

Corn growers use tissue sampling to plan fertilizer applications

  Suwannee Valley corn growers prove the value of in-season plant tissue sampling for fertilizer application Sending ear-leaf tissue samples to the lab at various growth stages: helps growers to measure actual plant nitrogen uptake, allows for in-season adjustment of fertilizer… Read More

Dirt is a dirty word – The impact of soil health on sustainability

Dirt is synonymous with filth, clutter, mess, and other descriptors used for things that generally have a negative impact on well being.  That being the case, why should ‘dirt’ be used to refer to one of the most important things to sustaining… Read More

Hernando County’s Newest Resident- Texas Phoenix Palm Decline

Just Arrived In Town! New insect pests, diseases and invasive organisms unfortunately arrive in Florida on a regular schedule. The newest one that folks should start to familiarize themselves with is something called Texas Phoenix Palm Decline or… Read More