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Wakulla County 4-H School Supply Donation Drive (10/31/2018) by rpienta -     SCHOOL SUPPLIES Donation Drive WHEN: October 24th – November 9th WHO: Bay                Gulf              Liberty Calhoun          Holmes       ... Read More
“Peanut Butter for the Panhandle” (10/30/2018) by rpienta - Wakulla 4-H Hurricane Relief Efforts A few weeks ago, members of Wakulla 4-H were preparing to win the 2018 Peanut Butter Challenge. After October 10, Wakulla 4-H members jumped into hurricane relief efforts and the annual peanut butter... Read More
“Peanut Butter for the Panhandle” (10/30/2018) by rpienta - Wakulla 4-H Hurricane Relief Efforts A few weeks ago, members of Wakulla 4-H were preparing to win the 2018 Peanut Butter Challenge. After October 10, Wakulla 4-H members jumped into hurricane relief efforts and the annual peanut butter... Read More
“Peanut Butter for the Panhandle” (10/30/2018) by rpienta - Wakulla 4-H Hurricane Relief Efforts A few weeks ago, members of Wakulla 4-H were preparing to win the 2018 Peanut Butter Challenge. After October 10, Wakulla 4-H members jumped into hurricane relief efforts and the annual peanut butter... Read More
Wakulla 4-H Partners with Wakulla High School to offer STEM Club to Local Youth (9/24/2018) by rpienta - STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Crawfordville, Florida – The newly formed Wakulla 4-H STEM Club kicked off the 2018-19 program year on Saturday, September 8 at Wakulla High School.  Approximately 20 students, many accompanied by parents, enjoyed... Read More
Wakulla 4-H Welcomes International Students to the County (9/24/2018) by rpienta - International High School Students via The Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) Program Wakulla 4-H welcomed two international high school students via the Future Leaders Exchange Program at the beginning of September.  The students will be 4-H members living with... Read More
2018 Peanut Butter Challenge (9/6/2018) by rpienta - UF/IFAS IFAS Communications 2343 Mowry Road, Bldg. 69 PO Box 110810 Gainesville, FL 32611-0810 352-392-2411 – 352-392-7902 Fax NEWS RELEASE Feed the hungry and meet a challenge; donate peanut butter to UF/IFAS Extension   September 6, 2018  ... Read More
2018 Peanut Butter Challenge (9/6/2018) by rpienta - UF/IFAS IFAS Communications 2343 Mowry Road, Bldg. 69 PO Box 110810 Gainesville, FL 32611-0810 352-392-2411 – 352-392-7902 Fax NEWS RELEASE Feed the hungry and meet a challenge; donate peanut butter to UF/IFAS Extension   September 6, 2018  ... Read More
2018 Peanut Butter Challenge (9/6/2018) by rpienta - UF/IFAS IFAS Communications 2343 Mowry Road, Bldg. 69 PO Box 110810 Gainesville, FL 32611-0810 352-392-2411 – 352-392-7902 Fax NEWS RELEASE Feed the hungry and meet a challenge; donate peanut butter to UF/IFAS Extension   September 6, 2018  ... Read More
2018 Peanut Butter Challenge (9/6/2018) by rpienta - UF/IFAS IFAS Communications 2343 Mowry Road, Bldg. 69 PO Box 110810 Gainesville, FL 32611-0810 352-392-2411 – 352-392-7902 Fax NEWS RELEASE Feed the hungry and meet a challenge; donate peanut butter to UF/IFAS Extension   September 6, 2018  ... Read More
2018 Peanut Butter Challenge (9/6/2018) by rpienta - UF/IFAS IFAS Communications 2343 Mowry Road, Bldg. 69 PO Box 110810 Gainesville, FL 32611-0810 352-392-2411 – 352-392-7902 Fax NEWS RELEASE Feed the hungry and meet a challenge; donate peanut butter to UF/IFAS Extension   September 6, 2018  ... Read More
2018 Peanut Butter Challenge (9/6/2018) by rpienta - UF/IFAS IFAS Communications 2343 Mowry Road, Bldg. 69 PO Box 110810 Gainesville, FL 32611-0810 352-392-2411 – 352-392-7902 Fax NEWS RELEASE Feed the hungry and meet a challenge; donate peanut butter to UF/IFAS Extension   September 6, 2018  ... Read More
2018 Peanut Butter Challenge (9/6/2018) by rpienta - UF/IFAS IFAS Communications 2343 Mowry Road, Bldg. 69 PO Box 110810 Gainesville, FL 32611-0810 352-392-2411 – 352-392-7902 Fax NEWS RELEASE Feed the hungry and meet a challenge; donate peanut butter to UF/IFAS Extension   September 6, 2018  ... Read More
4-H Day at the Capitol- A Day for #TRUELEADERS (1/30/2018) by brooks15 - 4-H Day at the Capitol is a unique day where our State Capitol in Tallahassee is overrunning with a sea of 4-H green!  Youth from all 67 counties in Florida will travel to our Capitol on February 22nd... Read More
Gift the Gift of Camp this Holiday Season (12/18/2017) by prudencecathy - This holiday season, many parents and grandparents will be inundated with the newest toy or gadget that is all of the craze.  I have a suggestion for you while you are making your list.  Give the gift of... Read More
4-H Livestock Projects Teach Financial Literacy (11/3/2017) by Yolanda - Green and white are the colors of 4-H but what else can you think of that is green and white?  Money! So, how does 4-H livestock projects teach financial management for the youth who participate in these programs?  I... Read More
Ghoulishly Good Practices for Halloween (10/31/2017) by Melanie - From candy to pumpkins to the costumes, Halloween is a fun-filled time for kids and adults alike. However, it can pose dangers.  To help make this year’s trick-or-treat a safe and fun time, follow these simple safety tips... Read More
Etiquette at the Fair? Yes Please! (10/19/2017) by Angel Granger - In the Florida Panhandle, fall is fair time, and many 4-H families are preparing exhibits for the fair.  Here are some tips to help you prepare for your first fair, or show.  For information about how to prepare... Read More
4-H Day of Service- Peanut Butter Anyone? (10/6/2017) by hckent - Did you know that the Saturday of National 4-H Week is the 4-H Day of Service?  4-H Clubs across the nation will be celebrating National 4-H Week with “hands to larger service.”  Service is a huge part of... Read More
Benefits of Competition (10/5/2017) by Angel Granger - From its beginning, the 4-H program has used a system of clubs and competitive activities to promote learning and the development of specific skills of 4-H members (Ladewig & Thomas, 1987). Sometimes competition is viewed negatively.  Florida 4-H... Read More
The Three Dysfunctions of a Club Meeting (10/3/2017) by Julie Pigott Dillard - The very word meeting makes me sigh and roll my eyes.  I’ve been to so many that are a waste of time and energy and, let’s face it, boring!  Are they ever really productive?  Can’t they (please) be... Read More
What are 4-H Standards of Excellence? (9/28/2017) by hckent - 4-H Standards of Excellence are tools to help individual members and clubs set and achieve goals and are part of our recognition model.  Recognition is an important part of the 4-H experience; it helps master skills and knowledge... Read More
4-H Family Guide (9/21/2017) by hckent - Is your family new to 4-H?  Welcome!  We are glad you chose us to help your child reach his/her fullest potential.  Here are a few basics to help you become familiar with 4-H as you begin your journey... Read More
NO! Not the Dreaded Record Book. . . (9/14/2017) by Angel Granger - In the early years of 4-H, record books were a way to document profit or loss on a project, such as raising and preserving a crop or raising a herd of cattle. Over the years, record books have... Read More
Why 4-H is a Good Investment (8/28/2017) by hckent - September 1st marks the new 4-H year in Florida, and many families are enrolling their kids this week. There are several different ways that youth can participate in 4-H.  The most traditional delivery mode is community clubs, but... Read More
Jean Bodiford McMillian: Florida 4-H Hall of Fame (8/18/2017) by hckent - Ms. Jean Bodiford McMillan was inducted into the Florida 4-H Hall of Fame August 2nd. She has helped 5 generations of youth in Gulf County learn leadership and life skills through the 4-H Horse Project.  In 1970, she became... Read More
Engineering and Agriculture = Fun, Learning and Teambuilding (7/28/2017) by hckent - When you hear the word agriculture, it probably evokes words like “farming, livestock or dirt” and maybe even the smell of manure.  For people who work in the agriculture industry, it reminds them of words like “hard work,... Read More
Technology at Camp = Problem Solvers (7/7/2017) by hckent - Most people think of camp as a break from the fast-paced technological world, but that’s not always the case.  With a $10,000 grant from HughesNet, Florida 4-H is introducing technology in a meaningful way across our state this... Read More
What do the Four “H’s” Mean Anyway? (6/30/2017) by hckent -   It happens to me all the time…the stranger standing next to me in line at the post office or grocery store sees the 4-H emblem on my shirt or name tag, and say “I’ve always wondered what... Read More
Exciting Updates for the 4-H Horticultural ID Contest (6/15/2017) by hckent - Horticulture is one of our state’s leading industries, and for decades, the 4-H Horticulture ID contest has helped youth learn about this industry and demonstrate mastery of horticultural identification skills.  Even if a youth does not pursue a... Read More
Reflections from Graduating Seniors: Kheica Jones (6/8/2017) by jglilly - I will never forget the day Kheica and little sister walked into the Jefferson County Extension Office interested in doing a 4-H Demonstration at County Events. Two shy and very timorous little girls.  Perhaps they could organize their... Read More
Reflections from Graduating Seniors: Alex Davis Jenkins (5/25/2017) by sduda1 - Six years ago, Alex’s grandmother registered her to attend summer camp at Cherry Lake with Leon County 4-H and she hasn’t looked back since! Alex has become one of the shining stars of the Leon County 4-H program.... Read More
Reflections from Graduating Seniors: Jessica Wells (5/18/2017) by Julie Pigott Dillard - Super Woman has nothing on Washington County 4-H’er Jessica Wells.  During her 11 years as a 4-H member, she has logged over 500 4-H volunteer hours, started and led a horse project club,  facilitated agriculture judging at the... Read More
Bust Boredom and Extend Learning through Summer (5/17/2017) by hckent - With the end of the school year approaching, many parents are puzzling over what to do with their children during the 8-10 weeks of summer vacation.  Fortunately, 4-H has the solution to bust summertime boredom and extend learning while... Read More
4-H Horse Health Clinic Scheduled for June 13th (5/4/2017) by Angel Granger - The Area A 4-H Horse Advisory Committee is pleased to welcome Dr. Bess Darrow, DVM and Mr. Billy Blackman, Professional Farrier to our first Area A 4-H Equine Clinic.  Our focus will be on overall equine health, as... Read More
Serving Special Needs Drives this Volunteer (4/27/2017) by Angel Granger - “This group is inclusive, which gives both children with and without disabilities an opportunity to learn from each other.  Our hope is that our group will continue to grow and that through participating in our ASK group, individuals... Read More
4-H Provides Opportunities for Military Volunteers (4/26/2017) by prudencecathy - Victoria Ballard came to Santa Rosa County 4-H in 2011 from Texas.  Her family has been involved in 4-H since her oldest daughter turned eight.  As a military spouse, Victoria has seen 4-H in two states.  Prudence Caskey,... Read More
April Showers Us With Generosity (4/25/2017) by Nicole Crawson - The month of April brings one of my favorite times of the year.  We have the Easter Bunny showering us with treats on Easter and the Earth dancing on its axis for Earth Day.  Pick any type of... Read More
4-H Alumnae Reconnect through Love of Horses (4/24/2017) by Melanie - Russell and Julie McMillian both grew up in Gulf County and together have established a thriving business based on their love of horses.  They now own a small farm in Dalkeith, just south of Wewahitchka, and their business... Read More
Florida 4-H Celebrates Global Youth Service Day (4/21/2017) by hckent - This weekend, hundreds of Florida 4-H youth are taking a stand against cancer by distributing chemo kits to cancer patients.  Our 4-Hers are joining millions of others around the globe who are celebrating Global Youth Service Day during... Read More
Is a Rabbit Right for your Family? (4/14/2017) by brinkley - With spring in the air, you may be interested in getting a real live bunny.  There are a few things to consider before bringing a bunny into your family: First consider what purpose you have for the rabbit. ... Read More
Remember the 3 R’s! – Earth Day April 22, 2017 (3/23/2017) by Melanie - Do you remember the 3 R’s?  If you are over the age of forty you are probably thinking of a classroom, a teacher, and learning about Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic.  These are the basic standards for learning, of... Read More
Local Farmers Inspire the Next Generation about Agriculture (3/3/2017) by jglilly - Fred and Bobbie Golden relocated to Jefferson County from Lakeland, Florida in 2000 to establish Golden Acres Ranch LLC.  The sixty-three-acre ranch is home to one of the largest mayhaw ponds in the region, grass fed goat &... Read More
Announcing the New 4-H Insectathon Event (2/23/2017) by hckent - There are two kinds of people in the world- those that think bugs are really cool and those that run screaming from anything that slightly resembles an insect.  If you or a family member are the former, then... Read More
Using LEGOs to Grow Literacy Skills in 4-H Clubs (2/15/2017) by Julie Pigott Dillard - Books, DVD’s, audio books, magazines and…LEGO’s?  Yes, all of these can be found at the Washington County Public Library along with enthusiastic 4-H Club Leader, Renae Rountree.  Renae, Director of the WCPL, partnered with Washington County 4-H three... Read More
Exciting Changes for 4-H Day at the Capitol #4HtoTally (2/8/2017) by hckent - 4-H Day at the Capitol provides youth an opportunity to use their voice and practice good citizenship while educating representatives and senators about the 4-H Program. 4-H members are highly encouraged to make an appointment with their congressmen... Read More
Which Breed is Best for Backyard Poultry? (2/2/2017) by prudencecathy - The term “Backyard Chickens” is one many people use today.  The idea of having a pet help you make breakfast is growing in popularity.  I am often questioned as to which breed of chicken is the best breed. ... Read More
4-H Saves Lives: A Teen’s Trajectory to Thrive (1/26/2017) by brooks15 - Many people know 4-H as the nation’s largest youth development organization. They may also know that 4-H programs focus on life skill development through experiential learning in a safe affirming environment. However, something many may not know is that... Read More
From Learning to Leading: Jerrett Kandzer, a True Leader (1/19/2017) by Nicole Crawson - As a 4-H Agent, one remembers many of their “firsts” on the job, i.e., their first day, their first fair, their first 4-H club meetings, etc.  For me in Holmes County 4-H, I was hired in the midst... Read More
Serving those with Cancer (1/12/2017) by hckent - Each year, teens across the Florida panhandle convene for a weekend to practice leadership skills, learn workforce skills and participate in service to their communities.  This years’ event will be February 24-26th at 4-H Camp Timpoochee.  Teens plan... Read More
Soar with 4-H and the National Flight Academy (1/6/2017) by prudencecathy - 4-H has joined forces with the National Flight academy to bring a unique and exciting aviation camp to our 4-Hers.  The National Flight Academy builds heart-pumping, adrenaline-filled story line, which brings life to a mission as if the students... Read More
Managing the Holidays without Breaking the Bank (12/8/2016) by Melanie - As the holiday season quickly approaches many people become overwhelmed with all of the activities, decorating, and shopping that needs to be completed. Here are a few tips to save energy, time and your nerves.  Let’s begin with... Read More
Northwest Teen Retreat 2017 (12/1/2016) by Yolanda - Interested in meeting other 4-H teens across the district?  Do you love camp?  Would you like to be more prepared for state events like 4-H Legislature or 4-H U?  What about scholarships for college?  If any of these... Read More
DIY Gratefulness Tree Tutorial (11/23/2016) by Yolanda - Have you ever heard the saying, “take time to stop and smell the roses?”  With the hustle and bustle of daily life, this can be easier said than done!  However, according to several studies, being intentional about gratitude... Read More
5 Ways To Celebrate Gratitude (11/17/2016) by Nicole Crawson - Not much can make one happier that the warm scents of pumpkin spice, twinkling festive lights, and the joyous spirits that the holiday seasons bring many families.  As the Thanksgiving holiday season approaches and we find ourselves dashing... Read More
Florida 4-H Chick Chain “Egg-celence” (11/10/2016) by brooks15 - On Saturday, October 29th, 4-H’ers from across the panhandle suited up in their 4-H Show gear, loaded up their chickens and ventured off to the inaugural Florida 4-H Chick Chain hosted at the Walton County Fairgrounds. This project... Read More
10 Tips to Prepare your Pig for Show (10/20/2016) by Angel Granger - In the Florida Panhandle, it’s Fair Season!  Whether you are an exhibitor or a spectator, we are sharing some tips for you related to the Swine Project.  For spectators, it is important to understand the risks associated with... Read More
Family Guide to Fair Exhibits (10/13/2016) by brooks15 - It’s that time of year again, Fair Season! The delicious smells of the midways, the sights and sounds of carnival rides and livestock in the arenas. During Fair Season, youth throughout the state dress up with pride in... Read More
The Impact Ag Judging Had on Me (10/6/2016) by ewestbrook - Here in North Florida, as the dogwood trees start to turn colors and drop their leaves and I wait for the first cool breezes of a seemingly delayed Autumn I often find my memory is easily awoken by... Read More
Teaching Agriculture from the Ground Up (9/29/2016) by marcusb - What has 1600 eyes, 1600 legs, can be male or female, and has enough energy collectively to send a rocket to the moon? The 3rd – 5th graders that participate in the multi-county 4-H Ag Adventures Program! This... Read More
Teaching Youth to be Smart Consumers (9/22/2016) by sduda1 - “Experts estimate that 2 to 14 year-olds have sway over $500 billion a year in household purchasing (Calvert 2008).”  In other words, adults make decisions each day concerning purchases for their household, but youth have tremendous influence over... Read More
Judging Teams Grow Workforce Skills (9/16/2016) by hckent - For parents who want their child to be prepared for the 21st century workforce, participating in a 4-H judging team may be the answer.  Several universities have recently published studies on the impacts 4-H judging teams have had... Read More
4-H Day at Gator Football (8/25/2016) by hckent - Just a few more days until College Football season kicks off!  The Gator Ticket Office is proud to announce a special ticket offer for all 4-H members, employees, alumni, as well as their family and friends for the... Read More
Making a Difference by Fostering Independence (8/19/2016) by hckent - Most youth have started back to school, and soon we will roll over onto a new 4-H year as well!  We are excited to kick off our Make a Difference Monday series next month.  Make a Difference Monday... Read More
Ruth Ann Scurry Inducted into the Florida 4-H Hall of Fame (7/29/2016) by hckent -   Please join us in congratulating Mrs. Ruth Ann Scurry, Jefferson County 4-H Club Leader and Volunteer, on being inducted into the 2016 University of Florida 4-H Hall of Fame.  Mrs. Scurry was one of only five individuals... Read More
4-H Day at LEGOLAND 2016 (7/22/2016) by hckent - The 4th Annual 4-H Day at LEGOLAND on Saturday, September 10th. This event is an opportunity for 4-H members and their families to explore the LEGOLAND theme park at a deep discount, while raising funds for 4-H clubs,... Read More
Beat the Heat with a DIY Neck Cooler (7/15/2016) by hckent - Even though it is not yet August, the Florida heat is sweltering.  Staying hydrated is key, but you can also stay comfortable outdoors with a neck cooler.  The neck cooler helps cool the blood pumping to your head... Read More
Celebrate National Blueberry Month! (7/8/2016) by hckent - Did you know that July is National Blueberry Month? Blueberries are in season now, and reasonably priced at grocery stores, fruit stands, and farmers’ markets.  Many growers also offer a “pick your own” service which can be a fun... Read More
Solutions for a Happy Independence Day! (7/2/2016) by hckent - It’s Fourth of July weekend and time to celebrate our independence with family and friends.  This week, we wanted to share with you some tips and tricks to make your celebration fun, yummy and safe! We’ve compiled a... Read More
Volunteering Makes Good Sense (6/24/2016) by hckent - In a world where so many things don’t make sense, Nate Grimsley has discovered something that does.  Ten years ago, Nate’s daughter won 1st place at the Leon County 4-H Tropicana Public Speaking Program and was awarded a... Read More
Life Lessons Learned at Camp (6/17/2016) by hckent - Its official- summer camp season has started, which inspired me to ponder my own childhood camp experiences and how different they were from what 4-H offers.  My first youth camping experience was not fun, but it also was... Read More
Announcing the 4-H Tailgating Cookery Contest (6/3/2016) by Julie Pigott Dillard - The “unofficial start of summer” was Memorial Day and nothing makes me think of summer more than the sounds and yummy smells of grilling out with family and friends.  Not only do I get to spend time with... Read More
Collegiate 4-H: Growing #TrueLeaders Beyond High School (5/27/2016) by hckent - Did you know that you can extend your 4-H experience through your college years?  If you plan on attending college consider joining Collegiate 4-H.   Collegiate 4-H is an organization that provides its members with a sense of identity... Read More
Bleeding Green with Senior 4-H’er Danielle Tinker (5/20/2016) by BLOGS.IFAS - How do you 4-H? Through 4-H, youth can participate in clubs, mentorship, project mastery, competitions, local, state, and international trips, and service opportunities unlike any other youth development program in the country. Along with specific skills, 4-H also... Read More
Reflections from Graduating 4-H Seniors (5/13/2016) by Angel Granger - One of the most important milestones in one’s life is completing their high school education. Such is the case for Trey and Savannah, two bright young Jackson County 4-H members who are graduating this month. Both youth were asked... Read More
4-H Alumni Growing the Next Generation of #TrueLeaders (5/6/2016) by brooks15 - “First you are a part of it, then it becomes a part of you.” What better way to describe that inside “IT” factor that drives our 4-H Alumni to continue supporting our programming in order “To Make the... Read More
4-H Military Partnership (4/22/2016) by hckent - Did you know that 4-H and the military have a partnership to help support military youth? Most people don’t know that there is a strong partnership between 4-H and all branches of the military to include the National... Read More
Growing Independence Through 4-H Clubs (4/15/2016) by hckent - Today is our final post for this year’s National Volunteer Week Celebration.  We’ve heard from several different types of volunteers- project club leaders, school volunteers, gardening volunteers and SPIN club volunteers.  Today we will hear from Mrs. Linda Jones,... Read More
Volunteers SPIN into 4-H and Find New Friends and Opportunities! (4/14/2016) by sduda1 - Many of our greatest relationships can be traced back to chance encounters. Evelyn Gonzalez and Becky Pengelly, the Leon County 4-H Sewing SPIN (Special Interest) Club Leaders, met by chance though the encouragement their 4-H Agent, Stefanie Prevatt.... Read More
4-H Grown & Raised (4/11/2016) by brooks15 -  What drives a 4-H Volunteer to do what they do? Quite simply, quoting Elizabeth Andrew, “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the HEART.”  In relation to 4-H, they have a heart that bleeds green! Jamie... Read More
Happy National Volunteer Appreciation Week! (4/8/2016) by hckent - Sunday, April 10th, marks the beginning of National Volunteer Week.  A recent study found that volunteers are directly responsible for teaching as much as 50% of the life skills a youth learns through the 4-H program (Fogarty et al).  Volunteers are essential to... Read More
Grow Confidence with Blue Ribbon 4-H Public Presentations (3/25/2016) by sduda1 - A 2001 Gallup poll found that 40% of Americans suffer from glossophobia, or fear of public speaking.  This statistic inspired the famous joke by stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld that at most funerals, “the average person would prefer to... Read More
4-H Friendly Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (3/24/2016) by Melanie - I just discovered a few years ago that my great-grandmother, whom I never met, was an Irish redhead. I found this very exciting. It made me much more interested in learning about the history of St. Patrick’s Day,... Read More
4-H Grows Family Tradition for Four Generations (3/18/2016) by Angel Granger - “When I was growing up 50 some years ago in West Gadsden County, I had no idea that the people that were a part of my everyday life would someday chart my path for the future.” I didn’t... Read More
All Aboard the 4-H Chick Chain! (3/4/2016) by Julie Pigott Dillard - Can you feel it? The promise of spring is in the air. Pollen is falling, grass is greening up, azaleas are blooming and it’s time to kick off the 2016 Florida 4-H Chick Chain project. This program is... Read More
Follow the 5 D’s of Mosquito Prevention! (2/26/2016) by ewestbrook - It’s February in Florida and as the weather gets warmer we Floridians start to turn our attention to the thousands of outdoor activities our beautiful state has to offer.  Florida is not just known for its natural beauty,... Read More
4-H Teaches Youth to Think Globally and Act Locally Through Energy Conservation Education (2/19/2016) by BLOGS.IFAS - By 2050, the United Nations estimates that the total population will total around 9 billion people globally (United Nations: 2004). Meeting the challenge of addressing the needs of so many people is an opportunity for growth that can... Read More
Strengthen Families- Make Meal Time a Priority! (2/12/2016) by brinkley - In a recent book entitled The Surprising Power of Family Meals, author Miriam Weinstein asks this question: “What if I told you that there was a magic bullet-something that would improve the quality of your daily life, your... Read More
4-H Teen Retreat: Growing Leaders with Help from Farm Credit (1/29/2016) by brooks15 - Each summer Florida 4-H camps are bustling with 4-H volunteers, staff, and youth enjoying their week long residential camping experience. As a significant delivery mode in experiential learning, residential camping annually is home to nearly 4000 youth participants... Read More
‘My Head to Clearer Thinking:’ Managing Stress (1/22/2016) by Yolanda - “I pledge my head to clearer thinking” is part of the 4-H pledge. Clear thinking helps us to make wiser choices/decisions but when we are under a lot of stress our thinking can be cloudy and our bodies... Read More
Florida 4-H Club Grows Compassion through Community Pride Grant (1/15/2016) by Julie Pigott Dillard - There are many genetic traits you’re born with that can’t be changed.  But what about traits such as compassion and empathy?  Can they be learned?  A new study conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison shows that adults can... Read More
Making a Fresh Start in 2016 (1/11/2016) by prudencecathy - Happy New Year!  This month, our blog will be focusing on tips and ideas for making a fresh start. Do you have a New Year’s Resolution yet? If so, how do you plan to make sure you will achieve... Read More
4-H Meets Community Needs through Service (12/19/2015) by BLOGS.IFAS - Clear evidence of mastering a skill is being able to employ it in one’s everyday life. Knowledge is only as good as how we are able to use it. 4-H dedicates itself to educating youth with research based... Read More
Tips for Healthier Holiday Cooking (12/11/2015) by Melanie - The holidays are often filled with time-honored traditions that include some of our favorite meals and foods. As you celebrate, think of little changes you can make this holiday season to create healthier meals and active days. An... Read More
Making the Holidays Affordable (12/4/2015) by prudencecathy - This Christmas, save money and enjoy the season by hand-making gifts for your children’s teachers, friends, and your co-workers. We have all received the “awesome” gift of a plaid tie or vanilla candle which is appreciated, but lacks a... Read More
4-H Grows Generosity: “I Pledge my Hands to Larger Service” (11/26/2015) by marcusb - Developing a heart for giving back and helping others is one of the most important personal benefits youth can obtain through active involvement in a 4-H program. During this season of thanks , 4-H members all over the... Read More
4-H Breads Project Leads to Life-Long Career (11/25/2015) by brinkley - Many years ago, a young girl attended a 4-H livestock club meeting along with her brothers and her father, who was serving as the volunteer club leader.   During the meeting the local county 4-H Agent paid the club... Read More
Simple Steps to Seasonal Savings (11/20/2015) by prudencecathy - For many people, their holiday shopping begins on Black Friday. Cyber Monday, which falls after the Thanksgiving weekend is a great way to order gifts online- especially if you do not like crowds. Many retailers will lure shoppers... Read More
4-H Club Leader Grows Resilience and Empathy (11/13/2015) by ewestbrook - This time of the year you can find her at the North Florida Fairgrounds in the livestock buildings. As the North Florida Fair’s Livestock Director she’ll be busy putting on a great livestock show and competition for youth... Read More
Navigating 4-H Events and Activities (11/6/2015) by hckent - Florida 4-H offers hundreds of events and activities to support 4-H clubs and members. 4-H events are specialized programs designed and conducted to SUPPORT a 4-H members projects at the club, county, district, state, and national levels. Events... Read More
4-H is Growing Workforce Preparation (10/30/2015) by jglilly - The business world says that there are not enough young people with strong communication skills, work ethic, and leadership skills to fill today’s workforce pipeline. Through schoolwork, youth can gain knowledge and skills in areas like reading, writing,... Read More
4-H Grows Creativity through Robotics Programs (10/23/2015) by Yolanda - Everyone has a measure of creativity in them but how we express our creativity is our choice. What is creativity? I am glad you asked. Creativity is defined as the ability to make new things or think of... Read More
Growing Civic Engagement through 4-H (10/16/2015) by Melanie - Civic engagement is a broad term that describes the process developing the knowledge, skills, and motivation to improve the quality of life in a community, through either political or non-political processes. Thomas Ehrlich, the author of Civic Engagement... Read More
4-H Grows Responsibility (10/9/2015) by Nicole Crawson - Regardless of the age-old debate, “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” one thing is certain- raising chickens is a big responsibility. One of the newest and most creative ways that some of our Florida 4-Hers are... Read More
4-H Grows Curiosity (10/7/2015) by hckent - Today is 4-H National Youth Science Day (NYSD) – a day dedicated to engaging kids with science through a hands-on science experiment. This year’s experiment – Motion Commotion – will be conducted by thousands of kids across the... Read More
4-H Grows Compassion (10/6/2015) by Julie Pigott Dillard - With 4-H’s long history of community service and service learning built into the structure of the club model, 4-H members are poised to develop skills that make them highly valued students and eventually adults. And while grades and... Read More
4-H Grows Confidence (10/5/2015) by brooks15 - It is no secret that communication is a skill that is in high demand in the workplace. It is also a skill that requires confidence. That is one of the reasons why the Florida 4-H Positive Youth Development... Read More
It All Began with Ag… (10/1/2015) by hckent - 4-H began with the seed of an idea. In 1902, America needed folks to embrace new advances in agriculture. But leaders with open minds, strong hearts and willing hands weren’t in abundance. Luckily, kids were. By empowering the... Read More
Understanding the 4-H Project (9/25/2015) by hckent - Make a Difference Monday, our online volunteer training series, kicked off this past Monday night!  This year’s series focuses on helping youth develop a sense of Mastery, one of the Essential Elements of a positive youth development.  Mastery... Read More
What to Know Before You Show (9/18/2015) by Angel Granger - Fall is a busy time of the year for most families, but especially those who are involved in livestock projects. One of the most important components of preparing to exhibit animals is having proper health certification. Knowing what... Read More
Packing a Healthy School Lunch (9/11/2015) by Melanie - Packing the kids’ lunches for school means you know which nutritious foods they are eating. Here are some budget-friendly, creative ideas to keep kids happy and healthy at lunchtime. Make a “Smarter” Sandwich: While some kids prefer the... Read More
Time Saving Technology- There’s an App for That! (9/5/2015) by prudencecathy - Who doesn’t want a little more time? I am always looking for ways to help me get more done in the time I have. Over the years, I have found some great applications that I would like to... Read More
4-H Opportunities at School (8/21/2015) by hckent - For more than 100 years, 4-H clubs have been (and still are) the backbone of our youth development program. But did you know that 4-H also provides opportunities for youth to participate in programs during and after school?... Read More
Tips for Preparing your Child Emotionally for a New School (8/15/2015) by Melanie - As summer break comes to a close, many children will be experiencing changes in their school experience at an entirely new school. Be sure to make the transition as easy as possible by talking with your child about... Read More
Smart Strategies for Back to School Savings (8/7/2015) by prudencecathy - In many parts of Florida, school starts in less than a week! Depending on where you live, what school your children attend, and what grade they are in, back to school supplies can cost the average family anywhere... Read More
Beat the Heat this Summer – Stay Hydrated for Health (7/31/2015) by Melanie - Summer is in full swing and our part of the country is very hot.  When the temperature rises, proper hydration is extra important. You need to provide your body with the fluid that it needs to stay healthy.... Read More
4-H U Live Streaming Tonight! (7/30/2015) by hckent - 4-H University will be streaming live for your viewing pleasure at http://florida4h.org/live/: Tune in to see the impact UF IFAS Extension 4-H has on Florida’s youth. Don’t miss the awards banquet tonight at 6PM Eastern/5PM Central.  During tonight’s program,... Read More
Ways to Water Safety (7/24/2015) by Julie Pigott Dillard - Like Dr. Seuss said, “It’s fun to have fun, but you have to know how.”  With over 11,000 miles of rivers, streams and waterways, 4,136 miles of beaches, coastlines, and shorelines, and 4,308 square miles of total water... Read More
3rd Annual 4-H Day at LEGOLAND (7/21/2015) by hckent - The 3nd Annual 4-H Day at LEGOLAND on Saturday, September 26th. This event is an opportunity for 4-H members and their families to explore the LEGOLAND theme park at a deep discount, while raising funds for 4-H clubs,... Read More
CERT helps 4-Hers Learn Citizenship and Workforce Skills (7/17/2015) by sduda1 - It’s mid-summertime. Tourists are flocking to beaches like seagulls to bread. Summer camps and in full swing and so are daily afternoon thunderstorms. In Florida, torrential rain, lightening, and thunderstorms are so common place they often aren’t treated... Read More
Summer Picnic Safety Tips (7/10/2015) by brinkley - Summer months are a great time for picnicking with family and friends. Flies and other insects can be rather annoying, but the “bugs” you can’t see can be extremely harmful. Bacteria love the warm humid weather and grow... Read More
Having Fun While Being Safe with Fireworks (7/3/2015) by Yolanda - They wiz, sparkle, pop and twirl. They thrill and sometimes scare us. Do you recall the first sparkler that you got to hold? Was it an exciting, magical experience, or did you get burned?  Do you really know how hot... Read More
The Impact of Teen Volunteers As Camp Counselors (6/26/2015) by marcusb - Most of us are familiar with the need for our teens to become more independent, better communicators, and to develop good decision making skills.  A quick scan of the news headlines can really make one wonder about the future of... Read More
Nurturing Volunteers = Happy Campers (6/19/2015) by Julie Pigott Dillard - From scrapes and sunburns to headaches and homesickness, Terre Arnold is filling a critical role at 4-H Camp Timpoochee by keeping campers safe and healthy.  During the school year, Terre works as a school health aid and a... Read More
Preparing for Summer Camp (6/12/2015) by BLOGS.IFAS - School is out and the summer is quickly approaching. As a kid, this was my favorite time of the year because in a few weeks I would be off to summer camp. I was always excited about summer... Read More
4-H Summer in the Panhandle: Learning and Fun! (6/5/2015) by BLOGS.IFAS - Each summer, 4-H programs across the Florida panhandle offer a wide array of residential and day camps for youth ages 5-18. Summer residential and day camps are a great way for youth to be introduced to all that... Read More
Growing Entrepreneurs through 4-H Gardens (5/29/2015) by sduda1 - Garden-based education is taking America by storm. While this is concept dates as far back as the seventeenth century, it certainly feels like the popular movement of the day. 4-H has been using garden based education since 1902... Read More
“From Seed to Plate” – Youth Enjoy the Fruits of Their Labor (5/22/2015) by Melanie - Did you know that something as simple as a garden can help youth not only learn to love vegetables, but also improve their science scores?  Fifth-graders at Port St. Joe and Wewahitchka Elementary Schools experienced the benefits of gardening... Read More
4-H Volunteer Grows Confidence through Gardening Project (5/15/2015) by brooks15 - Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow? With 4-H volunteers, Essential Elements of Positive Youth Development, and UF IFAS Extension all in a row! School gardens have become the perfect avenue to implement experiential learning. They... Read More
Growing Gardens with 4-H Clubs and Schools (5/1/2015) by jglilly - Research shows that gardening in school and clubs positively influences youth environmental attitudes, nutritional attitudes, self-esteem, test scores, school attitudes, interpersonal skills, social concerns and behavior. For example, students in third and fifth-grade who learn science through gardening... Read More
Composting With 4-H Clubs (4/24/2015) by ewestbrook - With the promise of fresh vegetables just around the corner, now is a great time to think about starting a compost pile to save money on fertilizer and potting soil for your garden.  Composting makes an excellent (and environmentally friendly)... Read More
Horse Volunteers with Heart (4/15/2015) by hckent -   Last year, more than 4,000 youth participated in the Florida 4-H Horse Project. These youth would have never had the opportunity to learn horsemanship and leadership skills without horse project volunteers. Project leaders not only work with... Read More
A 4-H Love Story Comes Full Circle (4/14/2015) by Angel Granger -   Stacey (Ditty) Warden joined the Lovedale 4-H Club at the age of ten as a shy girl not knowing just how drastically 4-H would impact her life. She joined upon the recommendation of her aunt, who had... Read More
Inspiring the Next Generation: Mrs. Ruth Ann Scurry (4/13/2015) by hckent - What keeps a volunteer motivated to serve for more than 20 years? If you ask Mrs. Ruth Ann Scurry, a Jefferson County 4-H club leader, she will tell you it’s about making a difference in a young person’s... Read More
Meaningful Recognition in Florida 4-H Clubs (3/20/2015) by hckent - Recognition is a basic human need and can help build positive self esteem if handled in the right way and is an important part of the Florida 4-H Program.  Whitney Cherry and Karen Miliffe shared tips for club... Read More
“Egg-ceptional” Entrepreneurship (3/13/2015) by brooks15 - The 4-H embryology project focuses on the science of embryology, which is a branch of biology that deals with the development of an embryo from the fertilization of the ovum to the fetus stage.  This 4-H project is often... Read More
Creating a Welcoming Environment in 4-H Clubs (3/6/2015) by hckent - Have you ever attended a meeting for the first time and felt a little out of place? Do you remember that nervous feeling; the pit in your stomach of not knowing anyone, not sure if you belonged?  Creating... Read More
The Heart of a Handwritten Note: The 2nd “H” in 4-H (2/27/2015) by Yolanda - A handwritten note or card can express one’s gratitude, thankfulness, care, or encouragement and has not gone extinct even in this age of technology. Just think about the last time you received a personal handwritten note from someone.... Read More
Making a Difference: Gary Clark (2/20/2015) by hckent - In Washington County, the name Gary Clark is synonymous with the 4-H Shooting Sports program. Gary decided to start a club because he wanted to do something that would benefit the next generation of hunters, conservationists, and shooting... Read More
Pinterest Fails can be Teachable Moments (2/13/2015) by sduda1 - I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. I am, admittedly, a perfectionist. And Pinterest sets me up for failure. Perhaps it’s because I am the least crafty person you will ever meet, but nothing ever turns out the... Read More
Three Tips for Positive Discipline when Dealing with Difficult Behavior (1/30/2015) by hckent - Chances are, if you have ever volunteered with a youth program, you have run into some children who have challenged you with their behavior.   Earlier this month, Dr. Kate Fogarty and Sarah Hensley shared some insight and tips... Read More
Making a Difference in 2015 (1/23/2015) by prudencecathy - Let’s all take a big, deep breath…2014 is now a thing of the past! At this moment, we all have to decide what we are going to do in 2015. What will you resolve to do in the New... Read More
Making a Difference in Holmes County: Jim Forman (1/16/2015) by Nicole Crawson - It’s no doubt that Jim Forman, a local Holmes County resident and 4-H volunteer, loves working with children. He has been instrumental in expanding the Holmes County 4-H Dead Centers Archery Club since 2013. With an increase of... Read More
Super Saturday Seminar for Cloverbud Volunteers (12/11/2014) by hckent - Cloverbuds are 4-H members between the ages of 5 and 7 and are curious, energetic and fun!   Start off the new year by learning how to work with cloverbud age youth in your club.  A Super Saturday Seminar... Read More
Farm Credit Supports 4-H Agriculture Projects (12/5/2014) by hckent - To support agriculture education programs and help rural America grow, Farm Credit of Northwest Florida has designed the Youth Agricultural Loan Program specifically to help active 4-H and FFA members to get a running start with their agriculture-related... Read More
Three Simple Ideas for Teaching Your Child Gratitude (11/26/2014) by hckent - Gratitude is a tricky concept to teach children. It is essential for our happiness, but easily overlooked in the hustle and bustle of our busy everyday lives. With Thanksgiving approaching, it is a great opportunity to do an... Read More
4-H Spotlight: Mark Harvey (11/21/2014) by hckent - Mark Harvey is the manager of the North Florida Fair located at our capital city of Tallahassee. For the last thirteen years, Mark has worked diligently to promote both UF/IFAS Extension and 4-H Positive Youth Development. Mark took... Read More
Preparing for 4-H Day at the North Florida Fair (11/14/2014) by hckent - Did you know that you do not have to own an animal to participate in 4-H Day at the North Florida Fair? Many youth look forward to competing in judging contests. The North Florida fair provides opportunities for... Read More
Preparing for a Livestock Show (10/31/2014) by hckent - For 4-H members and spectators alike, livestock shows are one of the most anticipated parts of a fair. Preparing your animal for a show begins months in advance. Great care is needed in feeding your animal, practicing showmanship,... Read More
Preparing Exhibits for the North Florida Fair (10/24/2014) by hckent - Fairs are often the highlight of the 4-H year. From a youth development perspective, fairs provide an opportunity for 4-H members to demonstrate new knowledge, abilities, skills and attitudes. When youth, parents and volunteers work together, fairs are... Read More
Rockets to the Rescue! (10/9/2014) by hckent - 4-H National Youth Science Day (NYSD) is a great opportunity to engage youth in 4-H Science. Each year, National 4-H Council announces a National 4-H Science Experiment. NYSD is October 8th, but the experiment can be conducted anytime.... Read More
Making 4-H Meetings Fun (and more manageable) (10/3/2014) by hckent - 4-H Meetings should be fun for both the members and the volunteers. Club environments that cultivate belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity. Leading a 4-H club should be a fun and rewarding experience. Earlier this month, during our Make... Read More
Tips for the Busy 4-H Volunteer (9/26/2014) by hckent - 4-H Volunteers are busy people. Most volunteers volunteer for other organizations outside of 4-H and they are active in their communities. Many volunteers also have children or grandchildren that they care for. Leading a 4-H club should be a fun... Read More
Time to Re-enroll in 4-H (8/29/2014) by hckent - It’s that time of year again- time to re-enroll in 4-H! All volunteer and member profiles were set to inactive on August 23rd, so in order to be a member or volunteer this year you will need to... Read More
Tips for Busy 4-H Parents: Out of the Box Lunch Ideas (8/22/2014) by hckent - Maybe your child is too picky to eat school lunches on a regular basis, maybe they have food allergies, or you just want them to eat a little healthier. It could be that your family does not qualify... Read More
Tips for the Busy 4-H Parent: Setting up a Homework Center (8/15/2014) by hckent - These days, children as young as kindergarten age can have homework. Getting your child to do homework during the hectic evening hours is frustrating for many busy parents, but setting up a simple homework center can make it... Read More
Tips for the Busy 4-H Parent: Setting Up a Home Communication Center (8/8/2014) by hckent - As summer comes to a close, many parents are overwhelmed getting ready for “back to school” let alone the new 4-H club year! Over the next few weeks, we will share some timely tips for busy 4-H parents... Read More
Couch Camping with Cloverbuds (7/30/2014) by hckent -   Sometimes, kids are just too young to fully enjoy the overnight camping experience. In 4-H, children need to be a least 8 years old (by September 1st) to attend overnight camps. Couch camping is a great way... Read More
Tales from Timpoochee: our Past, Present and Future (7/23/2014) by hckent - For many Florida 4-H members, attending a week-long overnight camp at one of the four Florida 4-H Camping centers is a rite of passage. For nearly 90 years, 4-H youth and volunteers have been making their way to... Read More
24-Hours of Family Friendly Campfire Recipies (7/16/2014) by hckent - For many families, summer is synonymous with camping. Whether you are at 4-H Camp, a family camping trip, or a stay-at-home-vacation, cooking over the campfire is a fun (and yummy) activity that the whole family can enjoy. In... Read More
Summer Camp is Almost Here: Preparation Tips for Campers (and Parents!) (7/9/2014) by Melanie - Summer is here, and for most 4-H families, that means camp is on the horizon. If this will be your child’s first summer camp experience, you and your child both may have some camp anxieties.  But never fear!  Here are some... Read More
It’s Time To Hatch Some Chicken Eggs…..4-H Embryology is Fun For All (3/10/2014) by marcusb -  Embryology is defined as science that deals with the study and development of an embryo.  In this project, participants will learn how life develops by observing chicken eggs that you will set in your incubator.  The 4-H club... Read More
The Fun of Chocolate (3/10/2014) by brinkley - With the passing of Valentine’s Day I hope that you have been able to enjoy a taste of chocolate. You have probably heard by now that chocolate is good for you. Do you believe it? This is a... Read More
Simple Steps to Savings (1/4/2014) by Julie Pigott Dillard - With the holiday season wrapping up, are you finding yourself saying things like:  How did this happen? Why did I spend all that money?  I can’t believe I did.  Why did I wait until the last minute to... Read More
Explore and Create with Nature at your 4-H Club Meetings (11/22/2013) by Melanie - As the autumn temperatures continue to fall, and we fill our days and evenings with more time outside, many of us yearn to enjoy the natural beauties of the environment without the humidity, extreme heat, and summer insects.... Read More
Teen Volunteers: Impacting Their Communities (11/8/2013) by jglilly - Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:”Table Normal”; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-parent:””; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin-top:0in; mso-para-margin-right:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:10.0pt; mso-para-margin-left:0in; line-height:115%; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:11.0pt; font-family:”Calibri”,”sans-serif”; mso-ascii-font-family:Calibri; mso-ascii-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-hansi-font-family:Calibri; mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin;} John G.... Read More
4-H Alert! Fall Herbs are a Black Swallowtail’s Delight (11/8/2013) by Julie Pigott Dillard - All of you 4-H members with fall herb gardens: Would you be willing to sacrifice your apiaceous herbs to the Black Swallowtail Caterpillar?   Busily devouring dill and fennel, the lime green, black striped caterpillars in the UF... Read More
Benefits of Volunteering With 4-H (10/11/2013) by Nicole Crawson - The goal of 4-H is to teach youth life skills.  In so doing, we find that we also equip them with marketable skills, a sense of belonging, and a sense of self-worth, each of which makes them more... Read More
It’s More Than Just A Fair! (9/27/2013) by marcusb -   The arrival of the fall love bugs, the leaves changing colors and falling to the ground,  and the sounds of bands rehearsing and cheerleaders chanting can only mean one thing in North Florida……no it’s not time to shop... Read More
4-H Day at LEGOLAND (9/18/2013) by hckent - LEGOLAND is sponsoring the 1st Annual 4-H Day at LEGOLAND on Saturday, September 28th– just in time for 4-H Club Kickoffs!  Florida 4-H Families will be able to purchase tickets to LEGOLAND theme park for $30.00 each (regular... Read More
Making a Difference with Effective 4-H Club Meetings (9/17/2013) by hckent - Last night, Dr. Paula Davis taught us how we can make a difference by empowering youth to plan and lead effective club meetings.  We even practiced parliamentary procedure by making trail mix.  Whitney Cherry explained proper 4-H emblem... Read More
Creating a Plan for Your 4-H Club (9/13/2013) by sduda1 - Welcome to the new 4-H year! As you begin making plans to re-connect with your club members and families, make plans to create a year-long plan for your 4-H Club. Why should your 4-H club plan up to a... Read More
Welcoming New 4-Hers! (8/30/2013) by hbworley - It is always a little bit difficult starting something new in a new place with new people.  In 4-H we want to create a safe environment where all youth and volunteers can speak their mind, share ideas, and... Read More
Bringing Summer Fun to Your 4-H Club Meeting (8/16/2013) by suzyg8tr - It’s time for our 4-H clubs to start the new 4-H year.  If your 4-H club took time off for the summer break the first club meeting can be a little crazy.  Everyone will want to catch up... Read More
Summer Snacking Made Fun: Easy treats for busy kids (7/19/2013) by Melanie - From the sand to the ocean, camp to the pool, water parks to the playground – summer usually means high-energy for kids enjoying time off from school. It’s a good idea to keep on hand a stash of... Read More
The Scoop on Poultry Projects (5/24/2013) by Julie Pigott Dillard - There’s a home agricultural movement sweeping the United States.  Raising chickens in the backyard, not only in rural settings but also urban and suburban areas, is quickly gaining in popularity.  Chickens are very social animals and provide not... Read More
What is Gained through Sewing? (5/10/2013) by brinkley -   In today’s world, sewing is no longer a necessity as it was in our mothers’ and grandmothers’ day. Most women of that era knew how to sew and could clothe their families by using their sewing skills.... Read More
Teens – Whatcha Gonna Do This Summer? (4/26/2013) by vmullins - Summer – no school, lots of time – what’s a teen 4-Her going to do?  Many teens will be searching for jobs.  Some will be looking for summer employment to pay for 4-H events, or earn extra spending... Read More
Pledge Your Hands to Service Learning (4/12/2013) by sduda1 - April kicks off the global month of service. If you are responsible for guiding and organizing service learning projects for your 4-H Club (or any other organization), follow this five step process to ensure a successful, enriching experience... Read More
Avoid the Dreaded “Volunteer Burnout” (3/29/2013) by Nicole Crawson - Spring and summer seasons can seem like a busier time than normal for 4-H volunteers.  Between 4-H/Tropicana, shooting sports matches, volunteer trainings and upcoming summer day camps, 4-H becomes a world of its own with wonderful youth development... Read More
Let’s Go Back Outside! (3/15/2013) by marcusb - Many youth today are suffering from a serious, preventable disorder that is the result of early age experiences and if not properly diagnosed or treated, may cause severe mental health issues up through adulthood.  This disorder I’m referring to is... Read More
4-H Volunteers Reporting on Child Abuse and Neglect (3/1/2013) by jglilly -   As members of a youth serving organization it is important that adults are aware of their responsibility for child safety. Our hope is that all children will live in a safe environment, but we know that children... Read More
From the Heart (2/18/2013) by Yolanda - February has long been associated with heart related events.  Of course, there is Valentine’s Day, a day of love.  Additionally, the full month is devoted to a focus on heart health.  Continuing on this heart related theme, I... Read More
Recognition, With or Without an Award (2/1/2013) by hbworley -   Recognition is a very important part of life! People of all ages thrive on recognition of any kind.  It makes them feel good about themselves and helps build self esteem.  This doesn’t mean that every time someone... Read More
4-H Club Meeting Ideas (12/5/2012) by suzyg8tr - Here are activities to help members get to know each other, break up cliques, and decrease disruptions during meetings. Birthday Line-up Have members line up in a straight line by their birth date without talking to each other.... Read More
Seasonal 4-H Science: Poinsetta pH Paper (12/5/2012) by hckent - You may have made your own pH indicator out of red cabbage in science class, but did you know that you can make pH paper out of poinsettias?  Many plants contain pigments (special colored cells) that are responsive... Read More
Explore the Outdoors! (11/26/2012) by BLOGS.IFAS - As we roll from fall into winter, many of us begin pulling out the warm clothes and preparing for some time indoors. We have such beautiful weather along the gulf coast that most of us usually dread the... Read More
Volunteers are the Heart of 4-H (11/26/2012) by BLOGS.IFAS - Volunteers are the Heart of the 4-H youth program in each of our counties, throughout Florida, and throughout the United States and worldwide.  4-H volunteers truly have the best interest of youth as their major consideration.  After several... Read More
Northwest 4-H Volunteer Fall Forum (6/18/2012) by hckent - Join 4-H volunteers and staff from the panhandle of Florida to learn new ways to engage youth in 4-H programs in a fun and educational way.  The Northwest 4-H Volunteer Forum will be held September 14-15 at 4-H... Read More