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2017 National Youth Science Day

As part of National 4-H Week, 4-H’ers participate in 4 H National Youth Science Day (NYSD), the world’s largest youth-led science experiment. This year’s 4 H NYSD event will take place on October 4. The 2017 4‑H National Youth Science... Read More

Plan to Purple Up on April 21st

April is the Month of The Military Child! When we think of honoring our military, we often think of Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Did you know there is also a time identified to honor our youngest heroes,... Read More

Teaching Youth Citizenship this Election Season

No matter what your political beliefs, there’s one thing we can all agree on: We have been inundated with election coverage. In November 2016, a new president will be elected to serve a four-year term, so now is... Read More

Tips for a Successful School Year

Where did the summer go?  It’s hard to believe that in many counties, school starts next week!  I wanted to share a few things that will help make this school year successful for your family.  It’s no surprise... Read More

Ty’s Story: How a Lesson in ATV Safety Changed our Lives

Anyone who deals with youth knows that we must constantly assess risks and decide how to handle them. The risks we encounter can be assumed, reduced, transferred, or avoided. My husband and I decided early on that we... Read More

4-H Grows Leaders Through Military Partnership

The month of April provides an opportunity to recognize and honor the service of our youngest heroes, military children. Since 1986, April has been designated Month of the Military Child. This allows us to acknowledge the significant role... Read More

Time to Purple UP!

4-H Clubs and many others will be sporting the color Purple to support military youth on April 8! Join them celebrating April Month of the Military Child and Purple UP! Day April 8 or April 15. Be creative….the... Read More

Spreading the “4-H Bug”

Jerry is a retiree and currently volunteers in the 4-H learning gardens in Calhoun County, working as he is available. He also answers my many gardening questions and offers advice. I’m grateful for his commitment to the Calhoun... Read More

Growing 4-H in Schools

It’s day two of National Volunteer Week, and today our 4-H volunteer spotlight is on Mrs. Kim Peacock. Kim is a 5th grade science teacher at Blountstown Elementary School in Calhoun County.  Recently I had the opportunity to... Read More

Hearts of Gold 4-H Club Prepares to Purple Up April 8!

Hearts of Gold 4-H Club and many others will be sporting the color Purple to support military youth on April 8! Join them celebrating April Month of the Military Child and Purple UP! Day April 8 or April... Read More

Go Purple to Support Military Youth

April is the Month of The Military Child! When we think of honoring our military, we often think of Memorial Day and Veterans Day.  Did you know there is also a time identified to honor our youngest heroes,... Read More

4-H Grows: Environmentally Conscientious Youth!

4-H literally got its start with gardening. The very first 4-H Clubs focused on growing tomatoes and corn for boys and canning for girls. Many youth and volunteers still enjoy gardening projects today.  One great curricula that is... Read More

Family Friendly Ideas to Ring in the New Year

The New Year is upon us, and it is so fun to celebrate its coming with our families.  Do you have a favorite New Year’s Tradition? If not, there is still time to plan one for this year!  Here... Read More

4-H Grows Character

Growing up, we lived on a farm. At the age of 8, and not weighing much more than 50 pounds, my dad called me outside to a relatively small pen that he had fenced off the weekend before. He taught... Read More

Time Saving Tips for the Kitchen

My husband calls me the one-trip-wonder because of my stubborn refusal to make more than one trip in from the car regardless of the size or number of items needing to be carried in.  I know he thinks I’m... Read More

Make Your Own Seed-starter Pots From Newspaper!

4-H literally got its roots in gardening (pardon the pun). The very first 4-H Clubs focused on growing tomatoes and corn, and many youth and volunteers still enjoy gardening projects today. Gardening enriches your life, promotes good health,... Read More

Military 4-H Volunteers Hit the Bullseye

April is the Month of the Military Child, and no Volunteer Appreciation Celebration would be complete without acknowledging our 4-H military volunteers.  The team of volunteers and staff at the Naval Support Activity Youth Center in Panama City ensure that military youth... Read More

4-H Goes “Purple” to Show Support to Military Families

Most people think of the color green when they think of 4-H, but on April 10th, 4-H youth and volunteers in Florida will be sporting the color purple to show support for our military families.  When we think of... Read More

Dyeing Eggs the Natural Way

This time of year, many children are egg-cited to dye Easter Eggs!  This year, instead of buying a kit to dye eggs, why not use natural materials that you most likely already have in your kitchen or yard? ... Read More

Easter Chick or No Chick?

It’s almost Easter when lots of people think about those cute little chicks. Before you take on one of those cute little animals– let’s talk about the responsibilities and considerations when raising chickens Keeping chickens isn’t much different... Read More

Bad Weather Blues: Ideas for Indoor Club Meeting Recreation

It’s that time of year in North Florida when we’re not sure what we’ll wake up to each morning. We may be in short sleeves, sweatshirts, or hip waders and that can make planning a club meeting tough.... Read More

Inviting Wildlife to a Winter Feast

While youth are home over winter break, encourage them to do something fun that will attract wildlife. Nothing is more fun than watching birds or squirrels play in your yard. One way to make this happen is to... Read More

New 4-H Youth Protection Policy in Place

  From time to time new laws regarding youth protection are considered by federal and/or state lawmakers.  As these new laws and regulations are passed their effects are wide-felt, and often they reach into the 4-H program.  One such... Read More

Including Youth in Your Holiday Traditions

Thanksgiving is a time of family traditions, reflection and thankfulness! Remember to include children in the planning and preparation. In 4-H, we stress learn by doing and want to encourage you to consider that motto. Children love being... Read More

4-H National Youth Science Day

    October 6-12 was National 4-H Week, and more than 6 million young people across the country celebrated the great things that the 4-H youth development program offers young people and the incredible 4-H’ers who work each... Read More

Today is Make a Difference Monday!

Our first session of Make a Difference Mondays was a huge success, and we are very excited to see each of you tonight for round two.  If you were not able to join us last month, you are... Read More

It’s Here!

This is our final countdown post!  I’m sure many of you who have been long-time 4-H supporters have seen this video before, but it pumps me up every time I see it!  Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WC90-fGzGuo&noredirect=1 Join us TONIGHT, Monday,... Read More

The Countdown Continues!

Out of the mouths of babes: “4-H brought me closer to my grandfather.” – 9th grade 4-H member “I have developed a better work ethic and communications skills.” – 9th grade 4-H member “4-H has taught me leadership... Read More

The Countdown Continues!

You are making a difference: Studies done with 4-H youth show adults in their 4-H clubs make them feel important (65%) and listen to them (64%). (Perkins & Butterfield, 1999).                 ... Read More

The Countdown Continues!

The out-of-school hours constitute the biggest single block of time in the life of a young adolescent (Council on Adolescent Development, 1992). What are they doing with it?                   With... Read More

The Countdown Continues!

In 2001, Kirk Astroth and George Haynes of Montana State University published research which found the following:   Compared to other youth, 4-H youth are more likely to: Succeed in school, getting more A’s than other kids Be involved... Read More

The Countdown Begins!

The countodown is on to the first session of our Make a Difference Mondays Volunteer Training Series.  We are just one week away from our first session!  This session is going to be great for all volunteers interested in leading... Read More

4-H: A recipe for success

4-H and Foods, sounds pretty yummy to me! In fact cooking projects are a great example of how youth learn about foods by partnering with adults in the kitchen to plan and prepare them. Most 4-H cooking projects... Read More

Northwest Agents Win National Award Thanks to Volunteers

The National Association of Extension 4-H Agents has awarded the 4-H agents in the Northwest Extension District of Florida their national award for Excellence in 4-H Volunteerism.  This award is given to the agent or group of agents who... Read More

Grow a Grass Handprint

It’s summer time finally, and our kids are glad to be out of school, but it won’t be long before they are bored and itching for some fun.  I’ve put together a boredom buster that you can use... Read More

New Ways to Receive News From Volunteering in the Panhandle

  The team of 4-H Extension Agents in the Northwest District of Florida are very excited to be launching our Volunteering in the Panhandle Facebook page and Twitter feed.  Please like us, follow us, or check in every... Read More

All Reasonable Efforts: What does it mean to me?

  Federal affirmative action guidelines require that a 4-H club’s membership reflect that of the community which it serves.  So, if your club serves the whole county, and your county is 54% white 36% black, 6% Hispanic, and... Read More

Staying Healthy While Exercising in Cold Weather

Although we live in the Sunshine State, we still have to deal with a few days of cold weather. When it’s cold out, it can be hard for youth and their parents to get the 60 minutes of... Read More