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Flagler County 4-H Youth Set Sights on the Fair

Flagler County 4-H Youth Set Sights on the Fair

Great music, Midway attractions, and the tantalizing smells of a BBQ competition are all part of the fun that is the upcoming 2018 Flagler County Fair and Youth Show.  While the Fair is a great opportunity to have a good time with friends and family, there is much more purpose beneath the surface.  Most importantly, around the Cattleman’s Hall and the Livestock Barn, the Fair holds the opportunity for 4-H Youth to showcase their many talents and projects for the 2017-2018 4-H year.

group of fair winners with 4H and agriculuture agentsThroughout the 4-H Year which started in September of 2017, adult volunteers and 4-H club members have invested many hours into their 4-H projects.  There are multitudes of projects available for participants and they all fall into three categories: Science, Healthy Living, and Citizenship/Community Service.  While 4-H project work provides the youth with opportunities to learn critical life skills, the Flagler County Fair and Youth Show gives 4-H members the opportunity to build their confidence, demonstrate the learned skills and knowledge gained, and receive awards and recognition for their hard work. The culmination of all of their hard work will be proudly displayed at the Fair very soon on April 4-8th 2018.

What comes to mind when people generally think about 4-H club members participating in a county fair is image of the 100lb steer in pen with red bucket behind himgirl effortlessly leading her 800lb steer, the boy in the green 4-H jacket as he proudly shows his Grand Champion Market Swine, or the call of the auctioneer as he solicits bids from prospective buyers.  Animal science projects as well as the livestock show and auction are still very important parts of the Fair.  What many people are not aware of is, beyond the show ring, Flagler County Fair and Youth Show puts great effort into ensuring that youth with a variety of interests are able to participate and receive the same recognition for their unique interests and talents.

Country Critters is an example of such efforts.  It is a competition offered to youth who may have little knowledge of agriculture but want to work with a competitive livestock project.  In this competition, they are to construct a “Country Critter” and write an essay about the animal they have chosen.    The Shoe Box Float is another contest that the youth have really enjoyed.  4-H members are challenged to use a shoe box and craft supplies to create a float that is related to the theme of Farming in Florida.  This encourages agricultural education as well as awarding ribbons and monetary awards to encourage the youth’s creativity and hard work.girl sitting on straw bale with chicken and red ribbon

4-H members are also able to display many of their creations in this year’s fair in contests such as table setting, club exhibits, horticulture division, sewing, cooking, art, and much more!  The Home and Family Division as well as the Art exhibits are open to all Flagler County residents and not restricted to only 4-H members.  If you create jewelry, baskets, cakes, or something that you would like proudly displayed, there is opportunity for you as well!

The Flagler County Fair and Youth Show offers a great number of opportunities for youth in the county to gain positive and character building recognition for their creativity, knowledge, and hard work.  I invite you to attend the Flagler County Fair and Youth Show on April 4-8 to experience first-hand all of the 4-H members in action as they proudly display their project work!  For more information on the Fair or to enter a creative work of your own, please visit:

If you are interested in joining in or volunteering for Flagler County 4H Youth Development Program, please visit Florida 4H Online  or call 386-437-7464

The Flagler County 4-H program is open to all youth, ages 5-18, regardless of gender, race, color, nationality, creed or disability.

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