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Tag: symposium

Cooperative Fisheries Research in the Gulf of Mexico

DIVING FOR DATA, FISHING FOR FACTS: STAKEHOLDER COLLABORATIONS AND COOPERATIVE FISHERIES RESEARCH IN THE GULF OF MEXICO A.B. Collins, Florida Sea Grant, UF/IFAS Extension, Manatee County, Palmetto, FL Situation: Cooperative research between fisheries scientists and stakeholders gaining traction… Read More

Digital Design Tools Simplify Marketing Extension Programs

DIGITAL DESIGN TOOLS SIMPLIFY MARKETING EXTENSION PROGRAMS S. Carnevale, UF/IFAS Extension, Polk County, Bartow, FL; A. Yasalonis, UF/IFAS Extension, Polk County, Bartow, FL; L. Milligan, UF/IFAS Extension, Pinellas County, Largo, FL Situation: Designing attractive flyers, posters, social media… Read More

Pinellas County School Board Employee Wellness Class Series

PINELLAS COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD EMPLOYEE WELLNESS CLASS SERIES Badurek, UF/IFAS Extension, Pinellas County; N. Jensen, UF/IFAS Extension, Pinellas County, H. Landis, UF/IFAS Extension, Pinellas County, R. Madhosingh-Hector, UF/IFAS Extension, Pinellas County, B. Niemann, UF/IFAS Extension, Pinellas County SITUATION:… Read More