Health Advisory Issued for Bayou’s Texar and Chico

Enterococcus levels in Bayou’s Texar and Chico are elevated enough this week that a health advisory has been issued for those two bodies of water.  Escambia County Health Department reported those two bayou’s as POOR and Bayou Grande as MODERATE.

Here are the numbers.


Water Body    Temp (F)   Salinity (ppt)   DO(mg/L)   ENT bacteria count (colonies/100ml)


Bayou Texar                87        9.4                   6.0                   192

Bayou Chico               86        10.8                 6.2                   104

Bayou Grande             86        15.9                 5.9                   38

Big Lagoon                 85        25.9                 6.0                   8

Quietwater                  86        24.7                 6.2                   0

Gulf of Mexico           86        32.4                 6.2                   8


Safe levels of Enterococcus bacteria are those that are less than 104 colonies / 100ml of sample.


RED TIDE – not a problem for the panhandle this week

FISH KILLS – none to report for Escambia or Santa Rosa counties for the month of September

No swimming posted due to high levels of bacteria. Photo: Rick O'Connor

No swimming posted due to high levels of bacteria.
Photo: Rick O’Connor

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