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Care for New Zoysiagrass lawn

Newer zoysiagrass cultivars are becoming very popular for home lawns but there are a few care techniques that will help your zoysiagrass lawn keep it’s healthy appearance after establishment.

Empire zoysiagrass lawns are more common along the Gulf Coast

Empire zoysiagrass lawns are more common along the Gulf Coast

In general, zoysiagrass leaf blades have a high silica content which keeps the blades stiffer. This is desirable for the appearance of the lawn but it can result in mower blades becoming dull over the season. The result of a dull mower blade is a ragged turf appearance and a grass that can become more susceptible to stresses.  If you use a rotary mower, be sure to check mower blades frequently during the growing season and sharpen as needed.  You can easily look at the lawn after mowing to tell if the blades need sharpening.

Make sure you consistently mow the zoysiagrass to a height of about 1.5 inches. Keeping the grass too high can be as much of a problem as mowing too low.  It may be necessary to occasionally raise the mowing height if we experience drought but under normal rainfall, a uniform mowing height of about 1.5 inches keeps the lawn neat and healthy.

Zoysiagrass is a drought tolerant grass but in order to maintain an attractive lawn, water is required. In order to prevent excessive thatch buildup, make sure to only water when the lawn begins to show signs of drought stress.  Watering on a routine often leads to overwatering.  Learn how to water by visiting the UF Publication on When to Water.

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