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Google Site Session Design Help in Our New Virtual Arena

This is the recommended format to share what you wish to have placed on your session or day of our Google Site. If someone else is handling the site construction, place the information requested into a Word Document and as stated below, save photos to the TEAMS File.

General Recommendations
  • There are different formats that may be utilized in any of these sections and may vary from day to day/section to section of your site design: If you wish to use a different type of layout, please share which you’d like to use in that section.
  • You will be placing photos/videos/documents that you would like to use for your layout in the TEAMS file.
      • If you are using files from your Google Drive, please visit the original file location and select share. Click “Get Shareable Link.” Select the arrow down next to “Anyone at University of Florida with the link can view.” Select “More” and select “On – Public on the Web” or “On – Anyone with the link.” Select Save.
  • Please remember to follow UF ADA Guidelines and UF/IFAS Best Practices with anything you choose to use.


Session topic

Please Write the Name of your Session

(If you have a specific photo that you wish to be used for your backdrop, save it in our folder on teams and note that here)

  •  List any needs for your activities in your session.
  • This will be used on the Front Page of Site.
  • You will need a photo to accompany your section (if you have a preference, please select a photo to be used and note that it has been saved in our folder).



 Please write a short description of the day’s learning activities and objectives. If you wish to do a video covering this, please put the link of your video here and you’ll still need to include a short (one sentence) description. This is what introduces and gives a background for the activities you’ll include next. If you’d like to use a pdf, please change it to a photo file and save it in our folder. Include that file name here. Videos are not required here but it is recommended to keep things interactive. You may do multiple entries here to give the background for activities.

 Video or photo: or saved in our folder Title: What are emotions? Description: How are they identified? Watch as we share what they are and give you some helpful ways of identifying them.



Your site should aim for at least 6 hours total, including reading, videos and completing the activities. Your number of activities will vary based on the number of sessions: eg. with 6 sessions, 1 session should be approx. 1 hour.

See the picture below how it is recommended to share the activities for positioning on the site.

Please include specific photos or share that you have saved them in our Teams folder. If you have a link to include for the activity, include this with your description of the activity. The recommended way to include the activity is this:

Activity #: Video link or photo file name.

Description: Tell someone your feelings. Find a friend, family member, anyone to discuss how you felt, what your emotions were, how your body physically felt in a situation. It doesn’t have to be a situation that they were involved in as this can sometimes be very hard. Write about this conversation in your notebook. Include who you spoke with and answer these questions:

  1. Was it hard to discuss your feelings with this person?
  2. How did it make you feel when you shared your emotions?
  3. How did your body physically feel when you shared?
  4. How did the person you shared with respond? Did they share a situation where they had similar emotions?



List any resources you wish to include and same for photos here. You’ll need to include the link for your resource. If it is a pdf, please save it as a photo file and share the title of the photo. It will be shown as the photo for resources here.

Please list in this way:


Click here for a printable copy of Google Site Session Design Outline Fact Sheet.

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