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Potential 4-H Camp Counselors

If you were a 4-H camp counselor in previous years and/or have been a 4-H camp counselor in training (CIT), the dates for the next camp counselor training cycle have been set. You should have received a letter BUT, in case I have missed you, here is the information you will need to apply:

  1. Applications are due BEFORE January 8, 2018. No late applications will be accepted. If you are a new applicant (have never been a 4-H camp counselor before), you will also need 2 reference letters. Applications and reference forms can be obtained from the Extension Office. Just give Miss Julia a call and she will send them to you.
  2. The dates for trainings are: January 27 (location TBA), February 23-24 (4-H Camp Cherry Lake), April 6 – 7 (Straughn Center, UF), May 15 (Columbia County Extension Office), June 6 (Reitz Union, UF).
  3. 4-H Camp with Hernando and Columbia Counties will be the week of July 2 – 6, 2018. Camp Counselors arrive Sunday, July 1, 2018.

You may not miss any of the trainings if you would like to be a 4-H camp counselor.

Please note that even if you attend the trainings, serving as a 4-H camp counselor is not a “given”. Just like any other “job” there is a selection process for this very important role. All potential 4-H camp counselors that attend the trainings will gain knowledge in program planning, teaching, time management, team building, working with other peoples children, AND, you will earn volunteer hours for the time you spent in trainings (and if selected, as a 4-H camp counselor). These are skills that will help you where ever you go!!!

For more information on becoming a 4-H camp counselor, please call the UF/IFAS Columbia County Extension Office or email Dr. Cindy at

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