Category: Horticulture

Tropical sage is a cheerful little native flower

By Ralph E. Mitchell Some native plants do not have the “zing” that many of our more exotic plants possess.  However, one native that does give a show is the tropical sage.  Also called wild sage, fireweed, scarlet… Read More

‘Blue daze’ – deep sky-blue flowers in abundance

By Ralph E. Mitchell I first saw a hanging basket of ‘Blue Daze’ at a garden center where I worked in Rhode Island sometime in the late 1980’s.  I had never seen a plant that so aptly fit… Read More

The Everglades palm in your backyard

By Ralph E. Mitchell Florida is home to several native palms of interest including the paurotis palm aka Everglades palm and/or silver saw palm. Multiple canes emerge to make a dramatic landscape feature adorned with fan-like fronds atop… Read More