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How are the Reefs? You Can Help!

We need your help in monitoring and protecting these valuable resources. At the end of your diving or fishing trip please complete a short reef survey. You can also send us pictures and video through the reef comment form (click here). This important information helps us maintain an accurate list of our public reefs, their current condition, and location. We are here to help too! Please call us at 850-784-6105.

View Larger Map This is a “live” map of over 250 artificial reef deployments in Bay County To view information on a reef click on a pin where there’s also a weblink for each reef with it’s own page. Green pins are existing reefs and yellow pins are the latest reef deployments with pre-deployment coordinates.

Want faster viewing on a mobile device? Click here! To see a summary of current reef sites sorted by bearing. Click here! To see a summary of current reef sites sorted by distance. Click here! To see a list of Historic Bay County Reef Deployments by DateClick here!

CLICK HERE to Access the updated Artificial Reef Plan from Bay County Artificial Reef Association.