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Starting a Farm in Alachua County – Land

Assuming that you already have access to the land where you plan to farm (either own it or lease it), one of the first steps to take before starting an agricultural operation is to confirm that the property’s zoning district enables you to farm on it. You can easily check your zoning at the Alachua County website.

If you use the land for commercial agricultural purposes, you may qualify for agricultural classification, sometimes called agricultural property tax exemption. Agricultural tax “exemption” does not mean that farmers are exempt from paying property taxes, it is simply a different tax classification. If the land changes ownership, the new owner must reapply for agricultural classification. You can review the guidelines and application form for agricultural exemption online or you may visit the local property appraiser office at:

515 N Main St
Gainesville, FL 32601
Ph: (352) 374-5230.

Accessing Land for Farming Course – Field day participants.
Location: Deep Spring Farm

For additional resources on accessing land for farming contact Dr. Kevin Athearn at

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2 Comments on “Starting a Farm in Alachua County – Land

  1. I think I know the answer to this but can you confirm that growing crops in a hydroponic system can not be sold, even at a farmers market, unless that land is categorized as agricultural or if you fall into the “limited use” category, which I believe that requires atleast a single acre of land? If this is correct, do you know if there is any exemptions, as my property would not qualify for limited use, as it’s only a half acre. I’m just trying to sell my produce at farms markets as a side business! Thanks for any advice, feedback you can give.