What is creativity and innovation, and who is creative or innovative in their work? (hint: it’s more than just artists, and creativity isn’t just about the final product)

Artist and students build a sculpture on the UF campus

A colleague of mine from the UF Innovation Academy paid me a high compliment, noting me as an innovative and interdisciplinary thinker (full disclosure: my immediate reaction was, who, moi?). She asked me to share any thoughts I… Read More

@AAAS says likely industry won’t fill funding gaps if federal funding for R&D is cut

Researcher Chelsea Smartt investigating mosquitos in the lab

“The evidence suggests limits to industry’s willingness to fund R&D vacated by the federal government, should Congress go along with the White House’s budget plans.” https://www.aaas.org/news/new-brief-could-industry-fill-gaps-following-federal-rd-cuts For academic and basic research, which underlies much of the translational, clinical,… Read More